Corrections Management Graduate Certificate Approved Electives List

  • For the most current list of approved electives, please consult the Dodge College of Arts & Sciences Online Programs office.
CRJU 5013Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRJU 5063Research Methods for Criminal Justice3
CRJU 5073Quantitative Research and Analysis3
CRJU 5083Qualitative Research Methods in Criminal Justice3
CRJU 5113Theoretical Foundations of Criminal Justice3
CRJU 5133Criminal Justice Policy Development3
CRJU 5213Mediation & Conflict Resolution for Criminal Justice Professionals3
CRJU 5223Community Corrections in the 21st Century3
CRJU 5263Restorative Justice Programs for Drug Offenders3
CRJU 5283Human Trafficking and Prostitution3
CRJU 5303Correctional Leadership3
CRJU 5343Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System3
CRJU 5353Women and Crime3
CRJU 5403Drug Enforcement Operations and Management3
CRJU 5413Substance Abuse and Crime in the United States3
CRJU 5423Global Drug Trafficking, Narco-Terrorism, and United States Drug Policy3
CRJU 5463Gangs in the United States3
CRJU 5513Studies in Police Leadership3
CRJU 5533Crime Analysis for Intelligence-Led Policing3
CRJU 5583Cyber-Forensics3
CRJU 5700Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice2-9
CRJU 5920Internship in Criminal Justice2-6
CRJU 5960Directed Readings in Criminal Justice2-9
CRJU 5970Special Topics/Seminar1-3
CRJU 5990Independent Study1-3