Division of Enrollment Management

Buchanan Hall

Administrative Staff

Jeff Blahnik, Vice President for Division of Enrollment Management;
  Executive Director of Office of Admissions & Recruitment
Bradley T. Burnett, Associate Vice President for Division of Enrollment
  Management; Director of Financial Aid Services
Dorion Billups, Director of Diversity Enrichment Programs
Morgan Brammer, Director of Recruitment
Danielle Dunn, Director of Enrollment Management Communications &
Kellie Dyer, Registrar
Craig Hayes, Director of Operations and International Recruitment
Courtney Henderson, Director of the Student Financial Center
Chris Kennedy, Director of Strategic Technology
Trish Koonce, Director of Administration and Compliance
Mike Hinderman, Director of the Scholarship Office
Allison Stanford, Director of Training & Development
Kimberly West, Director of National Recruitment

Located mainly in Buchanan Hall and Jacobson Hall, the Division of Enrollment Management is the gateway to the University of Oklahoma. The following administrative areas and offices combine to form the Division of Enrollment Management: Office of Admissions and Recruitment, Office of the Registrar, Student Financial Center, Financial Aid Services, Scholarship Office, Enrollment Management Communications and Marketing, Administration and Compliance, Strategic Technology and Training and Development.