Data Analytics, Graduate Certificate

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Minimum Total Hours: 15

Program Code: G295 (G296 Online)

Certificate Requirements

  • Students must have a ≥ 3.0 GPA for courses applied to the graduate certificate to earn the graduate certificate.
  • Courses for which a grade of less than C is earned will not apply toward the certificate.
  • At least half of all credit hours must be at or above the 5000-level
  • No more than 6 credits hours may be taken from courses offered by the Gallogly College of Engineering (i.e., C S and/or DSA courses)

The certificate courses require pre-requisites in Linear Algebra, Calculus and Coding.

Choose one course in Data Analytics Computing Skills 13
Choose one course in Statistics or Applied Math 13
Choose one course in Data Management or Visualization 13
Choose one Statistics, Data, or Computing elective 13
Choose one Project-based Advanced Applied Data Analytics Experience 13
Total Credit Hours15

Lists of courses approved for each of these categories are maintained by the Data Scholarship Program.

A graduate certificate is not a graduate degree. A graduate degree represents a program of independent inquiry beyond the depth of coursework alone, while a graduate certificate represents a set of courses only.

  • All courses must be taken at OU. No transfer credit will apply.
  • No course substitutions are permitted for graduate certificates.
  • Coursework applied to a graduate certificate cannot be more than five years old as of the semester the graduate certificate is awarded.
  • Students must earn a grade point average of 3.00 or higher on all coursework applied to the graduate certificate.