Latinx Studies, Minor

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Minimum Total Credit Hours: 18

Minimum Upper-Division Hours: 9

Program Code: N631

  • The requirements for a minor must be completed concurrently with the major degree requirements.
  • No minor may be added by completing courses after receiving the bachelor’s degree.

At least six (6) credit hours must be earned in courses acceptable for residence credit by standards set forth by the Dodge College of Arts and Sciences, excluding transfer, correspondence, and examination (AP, CLEP, Advanced Standing) credit. Courses for the minor may not be taken Pass/ No Pass.

No single course may be used by a student to satisfy a major requirement and a minor requirement. A course may be used, however, to satisfy both a major support requirement and a minor requirement. 

Requests to substitute a minor requirement must be approved in writing by the Latina/o/x Studies program.

Required Courses

Students must successfully complete at least 18 hours of coursework, including at least nine (9) hours at the upper-division level.

A grade of C or better must be earned in each course submitted for minor credit.

The Dodge College of Arts and Sciences language requirement must be met with Spanish.

Core Courses
HIST 2613Colonial Hispanic American History, 1492-18103
HIST 2623Modern Latin America 1810-Present3
ENGL 2273Literary and Cultural Analysis3
or HIST 2573 The History Sleuth
In-Depth Courses
Choose one course in each area from the In-Depth Courses list9
Literature & Culture
Race & Gender
Politics & Society
Total Credit Hours18
  • Minors in the Dodge College of Arts & Sciences are available to all undergraduate students at OU. If the minor is officially declared, successfully completed, and noted on the graduation application, the student’s transcript will so indicate at the time the bachelor’s degree is posted.

Latinx Studies Minor In-Depth Courses

Literature & Culture
FMS 3243Hispanic Cinema3
H R 3413Cultural Awareness in Human Relations3
SPAN 3853Introduction to Hispanic Literature and Culture3
SPAN 4143Transatlantic Literature and Culture3
SPAN 4173Regional Literature and Cultures 13
SPAN 4503Hispanic Cinema Studies3
Another 3000 or 4000-level course with significant Latino literature or cultural content (with approval of the program director)
Race & Gender
PHIL 3753Philosophy of Race3
SOC 3623Sociology of Race and Ethnicity3
SOC 3653Race and Religion3
SOC 3903The Sociology of Urban Street Gangs3
WGS 3263LGBTQ Movements3
WGS 4970Special Topics in WGS 11-4
Another 3000 or 4000-level course with significant race, gender, or sexuality content (with approval of the program director)
Politics & Society
ECON 4513The Economics of Discrimination3
H R 4013Social Change Process3
P SC 3020Problems in American Government and Politics 11-3
P SC 3543United States-Latin American Relations3
P SC 4283American Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties3
SOC 3353Race, Class and Gender3
S WK 3323Human Diversity and Social Justice3
WGS 3123Social Justice and Social Change3

With varying content-approval of program director.