International Law, Graduate Certificate

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Overall GPA - Combined and OU: 8.00

Minimum Total Hours: 19

Program Code: G074

The International Law Certificate furthers students' knowledge of key international law issues. This certificate includes international interdisciplinary as well as externship opportunities.

Certificate Requirements

Full-time JD degree-candidate OU Law students are eligible to receive the certificate at graduation conditioned upon the successful completion of the requirements outlined below.


Core Courses
LAW 5134Constitutional Law4
LAW 6100Selected Legal Problems (International Law Foundations)3
Guided Electives
Choose any nine credits from the following list of courses:9
Experiential Electives
Choose at least 3 credits in at least one of the following experiential courses:3
Total Credit Hours19


Students must choose from: 15
1. Take one course with an international focus in the College of International Studies or other OU College, such as the College of Business, etc.
2. Attend ten of the talks of OU guest speakers at the College of International Studies on international topics and write a short reflection paper (non-credit hour bearing)
3. Take a foreign language class at the University of Oklahoma (e.g., Legal Spanish)
Total Credit Hours5


LAW 6100Selected Legal Problems (Chinese Law)2-4
LAW 6762Comparative Criminal Law Seminar2
LAW 5602Comparative Indigenous Peoples' Law Seminar2
LAW 6020Comparative Law2-3
LAW 6752Comparative Responses to Terrorism and Political Violence Seminar2
LAW 6030European Union Law2
LAW 6040International Business Transactions2-3
LAW 6100Selected Legal Problems (International Business & Human Rights)3
LAW 6100Selected Legal Problems (International Commercial & Investment Arbitration)2-3
LAW 6742The International Criminal Court Seminar2
LAW 6100Selected Legal Problems (International Human Rights Law)3
LAW 6100Selected Legal Problems (Human Rights Practicum)3
LAW 6552International Petroleum Transactions2
LAW 6100Selected Legal Problems (International Trade Law)3
LAW 6732War Crimes Tribunals Seminar2

Experiential Courses

LAW 6400Selected Legal Problems of Applied Nature (Externship 3-12 hours that focuses on international matters which has been pre-approved by the Director of Externships and the Professor holding the Kaiser Chair in International Law for the Certificate )1-4
LAW 6100Selected Legal Problems (Human Rights Practicum)3
LAW 6400Selected Legal Problems of Applied Nature (International Human Rights Clinic)3
LAW 6341Appellate Advocacy Competitions (Jessup Moot Court)1
LAW 6400Selected Legal Problems of Applied Nature (State Department Externship 3-12 hours)1-4
Participation in a class working on Diplomacy Lab questions for the State Department, as approved by the holder of the kaiser Chair in International Law2-4