Healthcare Law, LL.M.

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Overall GPA - Combined and OU: 5.00

Minimum Total Hours: 24

Program Code: M504

Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission to the LL.M. program, applicants must have earned their first law degree — LL.B., J.D., or equivalent. Admission is highly selective, and those admitted must have excellent law school records, strong letters of recommendation, proficiency in English and leadership potential. Although not required, some work or research experience following completion of the first law degree is preferred.

The College of Law LL.M. program admissions page provides more information on admission requirements, the application process, and how to apply online.

Program Requirements

  • This is an online-only degree program.
Subject to Graduate Programs Committee approval, choose 24 hours from the courses listed below:24
Introduction to the American Legal System
Quality Control: Licensing, Accreditation, and Quality Regulation
Structure of Health Care Enterprises: Legal Forms, Governance, and Relationships
Overview of Public Health Care Programs
Regulation of Private Health Insurance, Managed Care
Coding and Billing
Fraud and Abuse Claims
Health Information Management
HIPAA/Patient Privacy
Anti-Trust Issues in Healthcare Delivery
Health Care Transactions and Contracts
Professional Relationships in Health Care Enterprises
Sources and Types of Liability of Healthcare Institutions and Professionals
Experiencing a Simulated Investigation
A College of Law LSH or LAW course may be substituted for one of the above courses with the advanced approval of the Healthcare Law Lead Faculty.
Total Credit Hours24