Litigation, Graduate Certificate

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Overall GPA - Combined and OU: 8.00

Minimum Total Hours: 21

Program Code: G081

The Litigation Graduate Certificate provides a firm foundation in the law that governs litigation and alternative dispute resolution. In addition to law coursework, students will take part in experiential learning, gain professional skills, and hone their public speaking and writing skills.

Certificate Requirements

Full-time JD degree-candidate OU Law students are eligible to receive the certificate at graduation conditioned upon the successful completion of the requirements outlined below.

Section A

  • Students must maintain a B average (8.0 on a 12.0 scale) in courses taken in satisfaction of the requirements of Section A. 
  • Classes chosen to satisfy requirements in Sections A and B must total at least 16 hours.
Required Courses
LAW 5520Alternative Dispute Resolution2-3
LAW 5530Civil Pretrial Litigation2-3
LAW 6410Trial Techniques2-3
Choose at least two of the following menu courses:6
Guided Electives
Administrative Law
Conflict of Law
Federal Courts
Total Credit Hours12-15

Section B Experiential Education

Students must participate in one of the following activities either for credit or as an extra-curricular activity:1-4
Approved external advocacy competition
One semester of Civil or Criminal Clinic
Approved externship or internship
Total Credit Hours1-4

Section C Professional Skills1

LAW 5003Argumentation and Public Speaking for Lawyers3
LAW 5000Professional Writing for Litigators2
Total Credit Hours5

The credit earned in these courses cannot be counted toward the 90 hours required for the J.D.

Section D Professional Development

  • Students must attend at least two Judicial Insight Roundtables or CDO Lunch and Learns relating to Litigation practice offered at lunch time in the law school during the 3L year. These lunch time roundtables will involve magistrates, judges, and justices discussing their professional experiences.