Healthcare Law, M.L.S.

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Overall GPA - Combined and OU: 7.00

Minimum Total Hours: 32

Program Code: M503

The Master of Legal Studies in Healthcare Law is designed for non-lawyers whose careers demand an understanding of healthcare-related legal issues. It provides graduate level education for professionals who work in the administration of healthcare facilities or systems. Students receive a grounding in laws and regulations that frame, guide, and direct the provision of healthcare services. The program offers a competitive advantage to anyone in the healthcare industry who handles compliance, advocacy, negotiates contracts, deals with the Affordable Healthcare act, manages real estate transactions, or works closely with healthcare attorneys. The curriculum requires the study of laws regulating the delivery and quality of medical services, access to public and private means of payment for such services, and transactions and liability within the healthcare industry. 

This program is an online graduate degree that can be completed in 15 months.

Required Courses

Module 1 (online)
LSH 5902Introduction to the American Legal System2
Module 2 (online)
LSH 6132Quality Control: Licensing, Accreditation, and Quality Regulation2
LSH 6102Structure of Health Care Enterprises: Legal Forms, Governance, and Relationships2
Module 3 (online)
LSH 6153Overview of Public Health Care Programs3
LSH 6123Regulation of Private Health Insurance, Managed Care3
Module 4 (online)
LSH 6182Coding and Billing2
LSH 6173Fraud and Abuse Claims3
Module 5 (online)
LSH 6162Health Information Management2
LSH 6192Anti-Trust Issues in Healthcare Delivery2
Module 6 (online)
LSH 6152HIPAA/Patient Privacy2
LSH 6172Health Care Transactions and Contracts2
Module 7 (online)
LSH 6142Professional Relationships in Health Care Enterprises2
LSH 6112Sources and Types of Liability of Healthcare Institutions and Professionals2
Module 8 (online)
LSH 6183Experiencing a Simulated Investigation3
Total Credit Hours32