Data Systems and Digital Design (BIM/GIS/FAB), Graduate Certificate

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Minimum Total Hours: 12

Program Code: G304

The Graduate Certificate in Data Systems and Digital Design (BIM/GIS/FAB) is an option for design professionals to participate in an assortment of courses specifically centered on expertise in Data Systems and Digital Design education. A total of 12 hours is required. While this certificate is embedded within the Master of Science in Planning, Design, and Construction degree, graduate students enrolled in the Master of Architecture degrees are also eligible based upon allowable electives.

Certificate Requirements

Choose one course:3
Computational Design and Fabrication
Methods VIII-Building Performance Analytics
Select 9 hours from a list maintained by the department9
Total Credit Hours12

A graduate certificate is not a graduate degree. A graduate degree represents a program of independent inquiry beyond the depth of coursework alone, while a graduate certificate represents a set of courses only.

  • All courses must be taken at OU. No transfer credit will apply.
  • No course substitutions are permitted for graduate certificates.
  • Coursework applied to a graduate certificate cannot be more than five years old as of the semester the graduate certificate is awarded.
  • Students must earn a grade point average of 3.00 or higher on all coursework applied to the graduate certificate.