Architecture, Four+ Year Program, B. Arch.

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Minimum Total Credit Hours: 150

Minimum Upper-Division Hours: 48

Overall GPA - Combined and OU: 2.50

All Required Professional Courses GPA: 2.50

Program Code: B044

Courses designated as Core I, II, III, IV, or V are part of the General Education curriculum. Students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of General Education courses, chosen from the approved list, including at least one upper-division Gen. Ed. course outside of the student’s major. Courses graded S/U or P/NP will not apply.

A minimum grade of C is required in all major coursework. Completion of a university-approved minor or Division approved concentration is also required. All first year courses are to be completed before advancing to the second year unless otherwise approved by the Architecture Division Director.

Admission to the BARCH or the accelerated MARCH degree program requires an application and portfolio review during the spring semester of the third year.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
ARCH 1163 Methods I - Materiality of Place 3
ARCH 1155 Design I- Design Fundamentals 5
ENGL 1113 Principles of English Composition (Core I) 3
MATH 1523 Precalculus and Trigonometry (Core I) 3
 Credit Hours14
Second Semester
ARCH 1263 Methods II - Pattern of Architecture 3
ARCH 1255 Design II - Craft and Making 5
First-Year Experience (Core V) 3
PHYS 1114 General Physics for Non-Science Majors (Core II) 4
 Credit Hours15
HIST 1483
United States to 1865 (Core IV)
or United States, 1865 to the Present
ENGL 1213
Principles of English Composition (Core I)
or Expository Writing
 Credit Hours6
First Semester
ARCH 2243 History of the Built Environment I (Core IV) 3
ARCH 2363 Materials and Form 3
ARCH 2356 Design III - Crafting Place 6
Natural Science, with lab-(Core II) from approved Gen. Ed. list 4
 Credit Hours16
Second Semester
ARCH 2343 History of the Built Environment II (Core IV) 3
ARCH 2463 Methods IV- Sustainable and Resilient Systems I 3
ARCH 2456 Design IV - Materials and Making 6
ARCH 4193 Architectural Structures I 3
 Credit Hours15
Social Science - Advised Elective (Core III) 3
P SC 1113 American Federal Government (Core III) 3
 Credit Hours6
First Semester
ARCH 4233 Architectural Structures II 3
ARCH 4453 Modern and Contemporary Architecture 3
ARCH 4563 Methods V- Sustainable and Resilient Systems II 3
ARCH 3556 Design V - Architectural Making I 6
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
ARCH 4000 Foreign Study (may be taken any semester) 0
ARCH 4543 Architectural Theory and Criticism 3
ARCH 4663 Methods VI- Urban Design Methodologies 3
ARCH 3656 Design VI - Architectural Making II 6
Open Elective (upper division) 3
 Credit Hours15
First Semester
ARCH 4333 Advanced Structures 3
ARCH 4723 Methods VII - Advanced Systems 3
ARCH 4756 Design VII - Systems and Context (Capstone) 6
World Culture (Core IV), upper-division 3
Artistic Forms (Core IV) 2 3
 Credit Hours18
Second Semester
ARCH 4160 Internship (shall comply to the program internship guidelines) 0
 Credit Hours0
Fifth Year
First Semester
ARCH 4923 Methods IX- Entrepreneurial Architect and Leadership 3
ARCH 4956 Design IX- Options Studio I 6
Professional Elective 3 3
Open Elective (upper division) 1 3
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
ARCH 4053 Methods X- Tool of Practice 3
ARCH 4056 Design X- Options Studio II (Core V) 6
Professional Elective 3 3
Professional Elective 3 3
 Credit Hours15
 Total Credit Hours150