Human Resource Management (Tulsa), Graduate Certificate

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Minimum Total Hours: 12

Program Code: G064

This program is currently offered only at the University of Oklahoma's Tulsa campus.

Certificate Requirements

Choose 9 hours from the following:9
Performance Management
Training and Career Development
Staffing, Selection, and Compensation
Organizational Behavior, Change, and Development
Human Resource Management Systems and Techniques
Employee Health, Safety and Wellness
Choose 3 hours from an elective list maintained by the department or as approved by the ODYN Graduate Liaison3
Total Credit Hours12

A graduate certificate is not a graduate degree. A graduate degree represents a program of independent inquiry beyond the depth of coursework alone, while a graduate certificate represents a set of courses only.

  • All courses must be taken at OU. No transfer credit will apply.
  • No course substitutions are permitted for graduate certificates.
  • Coursework applied to a graduate certificate cannot be more than five years old as of the semester the graduate certificate is awarded.
  • Students must earn a grade point average of 3.00 or higher on all coursework applied to the graduate certificate.