Political Science Distribution Requirement Course Lists

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Group I: American Government & Politics

P SC 2103Politics in America3
P SC 3020Problems in American Government and Politics1-3
P SC 3023Law and Courts3
P SC 3033Religion and Politics in America3
P SC 3043Gender, Power and Leadership in Politics and Public Administration3
P SC 3053Global Religion and American Foreign Policy3
P SC 3063Religion and the American Constitution3
P SC 3073Immigration Politics3
P SC 3093Minority Political Behavior3
P SC 3143U.S. Congress3
P SC 3163The American Presidency3
P SC 3313Urban Government and Politics3
P SC 3323State Government3
P SC 3403Interest Groups and Social Movements3
P SC 3413American Political Parties3
P SC 3423Public Opinion3
P SC 3433Voters and Campaigns3
P SC 3443Mass Media and American Politics3
P SC 3463American Political Development3
P SC 3483Campaign Management3
P SC 3763Field Research Methods and Community Engagement: The Oklahoma City Exit Poll3
P SC 4020Problems in American Government1-3
P SC 4263American Constitutional Law I: Governance3
P SC 4283American Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties3

Group II: Comparative Politics

P SC 2603Governments Around the World3
P SC 3600Topics in Comparative Politics1-3
P SC 3643Democracies and Democratization: A Comparative Inquiry3
P SC 3653Government and Politics of Latin America3
P SC 3663Politics of the Middle East3
IAS 3003Topics in International and Area Studies (Topic: World Happiness)3
IAS 3143Chinese Politics3
IAS 3153Chinese Foreign Policy3
IAS 3663Comparative Politics of the Middle East3

Group III: International Relations

P SC 2503Global Politics3
P SC 3543United States-Latin American Relations3
P SC 3550Topics in International Relations1-3
P SC 3553International Political Economy3
P SC 3563United States Diplomatic History3
P SC 3593Nongovernmental Organizations3
IAS 3033International Human Rights3
IAS 3083International Activism3
IAS 3273The European Union3
IAS 3743The Politics of the International System3

Group IV: Public Administration

P SC 3113Bureaucracy and Citizenship3
P SC 3133Politics and Public Administration3
P SC 3170Problems in Public Administration1-3
P SC 3173Administration & Society3
P SC 3183Politics of Government Budgeting3
P SC 3193Nonprofits and Public Policy3
P SC 4193The Profession of Public Management3

Group V: Public Policy

P SC 3203Sexuality, Gender, and the Law3
P SC 3213Law, Politics, and Society3
P SC 3220Topics in Public Policy1-3
P SC 3223Making Public Policy3
P SC 3233Environmental Policy and Administration3
P SC 3273Privatization3
P SC 4043Public Policy Implementation3
P SC 4143Policy/Program Evaluation3
P SC 4220Problems in Public Policy1-3

Group VI: Political Theory

P SC 2703Justice, Liberty and the Good Society3
P SC 3703From Plato to Machiavelli, the Classic Art of Politics3
P SC 3713The Idea of a Liberal Society3
P SC 3723Foundations of American Politics3