Student Financial Center

Student Financial Center

Courtney Henderson, Director of Student Financial Center

Buchanan Hall, Room 105
1000 Asp Avenue
Norman OK  73019
Phone: (405) 325-9000
FAX: (405) 325-7608

One Office for Assistance with All Your Student Financial Questions

Student Financial Center’s focus is to eliminate unnecessary barriers to college access and completion. Our goal is to simplify the financial aid process as much as possible, and to make sure students are always engaged and aware of the next step. Our office allows us to reach students earlier and more efficiently, freeing up time for our Student Service Experts to have important conversations with students about their individual situations and what needs to be done to help them persist and succeed.

Bursar Services

Andrea Zepeda, Director of Bursar Service

Buchanan Hall
1000 Asp Avenue
Norman, OK 73019
Phone: (405) 325-9000
FAX: (405) 325-7665

Cost of Attending OU

The cost of attending the University of Oklahoma includes tuition, fees, books, housing (including room and board), transportation, and miscellaneous living expenses. The actual costs of attending the University will vary depending on a student’s resident status, academic level, course load, housing option, personal needs, and spending habits.

For current cost estimate information, see Cost to Attend the University of Oklahoma.

Tuition and Fees (Subject to Change)

For the most up-to-date information concerning tuition and fees, visit the Bursar Services website.

For more information on tuition and fees for other programs (OU Online, College of Professional and Continuing Studies, Advanced Programs, and other special programs), please visit their program's website.

Enrollment Fees and Tuition

All students pay resident tuition for each credit hour in which they are enrolled. In addition, all students who are not residents of Oklahoma must also pay non-resident tuition. See Tuition and Fees for details.

Payment of Fees

Tuition and fees may be paid online through or through the secure drop box in the first-floor lobby of Buchanan Hall anytime the building is open. To avoid service charges, tuition and fees should be paid in full prior to September 25 in Fall, February 25 in Spring, and June 25 in Summer.

Monthly statements will be prepared and emailed prior to the payment deadline. Failure to receive a statement will not exempt a student from late penalties. It is the student’s responsibility to determine their financial obligation and how it is to be met.

eCheck (Electronically through your bank/debit account)
Using your bank account information, set up a payment profile through to transfer funds directly from your checking or savings account. If you have a debit card, contact your bank for the account and routing numbers. There is no additional cost for this option.

Bring your personal check, cashier's check, money order, or scholarship check to the drop box on the first floor of Buchanan Hall during business hours. Or mail it to:
Student Financial Center
1000 Asp Ave., Room 105
Norman, OK 73019

Please be sure to include your full student ID number for proper identification and posting.  

Credit Card
Credit cards can be processed online through one.ou.eduThere is a 2.85% convenience fee for this option. If you have a debit card, use the eCheck option to avoid this fee.

Payments through international bank accounts (wire transfers) can be processed through Flywire.

No cash payments are accepted.

Payment Plan Options

The first fall eBill is available on Aug. 1 and the first spring eBill is available Jan. 2 at The monthly due date is the 25th. Students following the payment plan will be assessed a monthly service charge of 1.5% (18% APR) on the unpaid balance, beginning Sep. 26 for fall and Feb. 26 for spring. Service charges and late penalties will not be removed due to late or nonpayment.

Fall Term                  Pay this percentage of the balance

  • August 25                                     25%
  • September 25                               33%
  • October 25                                    50%
  • November 25                              100%

Spring Term             Pay this percentage of the balance

  • January 25                                    25%
  • February 25                                   33%
  • March 25                                       50%
  • April 25                                        100%

Summer Term          Pay this percentage of the balance

  • June 25                                         50%
  • July 25                                         100%

When, Where, and How to Pay

Please pay your bill in full by the 25th of each month to avoid additional service charges and an end-of-semester late penalty. Unpaid balances are subject to holds which will prohibit you from registering for classes and accessing copies of transcripts or diplomas.

The quickest way to make your payment is to pay electronically on the Web at Payments made online with an eCheck from your checking or savings account or a credit card are easy and convenient and are posted to your account the same day. You can easily set up authorized users to make payments on your behalf.

For information on OU pay login, adding an authorized user(s), viewing your statement summary and/or account history, changing your billing address, and more, please go to or call Student Financial Center at (405) 325-9000

For more information and payment plan FAQs, please visit the Bursar Services website.

Refund Policy

The Oklahoma State Regents refund policy with respect to fees and tuition is as follows:
Changes in schedules and complete withdrawals from the institution during the defined add/drop period (first 10 days of classes in fall and spring semesters) will result in full charges for courses added and full credit for courses dropped. No reduction of charges may be made after the add/drop period for the session, except as stipulated for students who must withdraw from courses due to unforeseen hardship or extenuating circumstances.

Charges for Loss, Damage, or Rentals

Students will be furnished the normal amount of consumable materials and supplies required in a laboratory course without charge other than the general fee. An additional charge will be made, on an individual basis, for breakage of laboratory equipment because of student negligence; for use of consumable materials and supplies in excess of the normal requirements of the course; for rental of band or orchestra instruments for individual use; and for use of laboratory equipment by students not enrolled in courses requiring the use of such equipment.

Financial Aid Services

Bradley T. Burnett, Associate Vice President for Division of Enrollment Management; Director of Financial Aid Services

Buchanan Hall, Room 105
1000 Asp Avenue
Norman, OK 73019-4078
Phone: (405) 325-9000
FAX: (405) 325-7608

Financial Assistance and Costs

Financial Aid

Financial aid is any financial resource that a student receives to assist in meeting the cost of attending college. These resources include awards such as federal and state grants, loans, student employment, scholarships, etc. Students must apply for financial aid annually and demonstrate eligibility as determined by regulations established by the U.S. Department of Education. Financial Aid Services is responsible for the administration of the federal financial aid programs. Additional sources of funding may include tribal grants, vocational rehabilitation assistance, Reserve Officer Training, and funding from other outside agencies.

Financial Aid Programs

Many financial aid programs are available at the University of Oklahoma. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opens annually on October 1. Apply annually for the following federal financial aid programs: Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Perkins Loan, Stafford Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized), and Federal Work-Study. The Federal PLUS Loan (Parent Loan) and Graduate PLUS loans require a separate loan application in addition to the FAFSA. Additional financial aid programs (most requiring the FAFSA) include Oklahoma's Promise, Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant, Crimson Commitment, additional need-based scholarships, and several low-interest OU Institutional Loan programs. Please visit our Student Financial Center website for complete information on the financial aid and scholarship programs available at OU. Financial Aid programs are subject to change.

Applying for Financial Aid

Those planning to attend OU and current students are encouraged to apply annually for financial aid. FAFSA and the OU Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub CASH online applications open every October 1. Be sure to visit the OU Student Financial Center website, where a wealth of information about financial aid, scholarships, and other financial resources is available. Also listed are deadlines, eligibility requirements, applications, and links to other helpful websites.

Getting Started

  • Apply for financial aid by the OU Financial Aid Services recommended deadlines.
  • Apply for a U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID) online. This FSA ID serves as your electronic signature for the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) and to access certain financial aid information online. Obtain an FSA ID for your parent if parental information is required on the FAFSA.
  • Next, complete the FAFSA at to apply for federal, state, and institutional aid. Applying for financial aid is FREE!
  • List OU’s school code, 003184, on your FAFSA application. Be sure to include your housing plans on your FAFSA.
  • Once your FAFSA is processed, a Student Aid Report will be sent to you and your information will be sent to OU if you listed OU’s code on your FAFSA.

Important Note: The FAFSA must be completed annually. Submit the FAFSA as soon as possible after the annual open date, October 1, but before March 1, to be considered for all available aid programs for the following fall/spring semesters. For priority processing, all requested documents must be received in Financial Aid Services by June 1 for the following fall/spring semesters and by November 1 for the spring only semester. Check the Financial Aid Services website for summer financial aid information.

Please contact 1 (800) 4FEDAID for a paper FAFSA if unable to file the FAFSA on the Web.

What Happens Next

  • The Student Financial Center will notify admitted students via their OU email account if any additional information is needed.
  • Instructions about activating your OU email account are included with the admission letter to OU. Financial aid applicants not yet admitted are notified via postal mail.
  • The application is reviewed after submitting all requested information (processing times vary).
  • The Student Financial Center sends an OU-Financial Aid Notification (OU-FAN) to the student’s OU email listing the financial aid awards available.
  • Awards may consist of a combination of aid, such as grants, loans, student employment, scholarships, and/or other resources.1
  • The student then decides which aid programs to accept, reduce, or decline, and submits the OU-FAN acceptance online.
  • Complete information regarding the financial aid programs offered and the disbursement process is included as links on the OU-FAN.

Other Resources

Students are encouraged to apply for outside scholarships, grants, fellowships, and other types of financial assistance that can help pay for their college or general living expenses. Many opportunities are available that require an application from the student. Be careful about possible scholarship scams. If in doubt about the legitimacy of an organization that offers financial aid, scholarships, or college funding check the Federal Trade Commission Scholarship Scams website.

Cost of Attending OU

Using federal regulations, the Financial Aid Services office develops standard budgets to determine the estimated costs of attending OU. This budget is used to award financial aid. The cost of attending the University of Oklahoma includes tuition, fees, books, housing (including food), transportation, and miscellaneous living expenses. The actual costs will vary depending on a student’s resident status, academic level, course load, housing and food options, personal needs, and spending habits.

For current cost estimate information, see Cost to Attend the University of Oklahoma.

Award amounts are subject to change. Visit OU Student Financial Center for more information.

The MidFirst Bank MoneyCoach Program

Sam Painter, MoneyCoach Lead
Cami Sheaffer, MoneyCoach Manager, MidFirst Bank

Couch Center
1524 Asp Ave.
Norman, OK 73072
Phone: (405) 325-4692

The MidFirst Bank MoneyCoach Program

A MoneyCoach is a financial professional available to all students at the University of Oklahoma. MoneyCoaches help students build lifelong money management skills and navigate the process of paying for college. The MoneyCoach program also offers financial education workshops. All first-year students are automatically assigned a MoneyCoach during the initial enrollment process. This allows the student to meet with the same person about finances throughout their time at OU.

MoneyCoaches are knowledgeable on the following:

  • Paying for OU
  • Creating a financial plan for the year
  • Understanding scholarship, grant, and loan options
  • Minimizing student loan debt
  • Personal finance
  • Building wealth and becoming financially independent
  • Budgeting, saving, investing, etc.
  • Student loan repayment


The MoneyCoach team and University of Oklahoma staff who work with students on financial issues such as federal student aid, private student aid, and serving loans do not provide investment, legal, or tax advice. The information provided is for general educational purposes only, and is not intended to substitute for the advice of your investment, legal, and/or tax advisors or to be the basis of specific financial planning activities. If you need investment, legal, and/or tax advice, please consult with one of these professionals.

Scholarships Office

Mike Hinderman, Director of the Scholarship Office

Buchanan Hall
1000 Asp Avenue
Norman, OK 73019-4078
Phone: (405) 325-9000
FAX: (405) 325-7608


Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships to help meet the costs of attending the University of Oklahoma. Numerous scholarships are available to OU students based on academic merit, talent, athletics, financial need, etc. Students may see an overview of available scholarship and tuition waiver opportunities by visiting our website. Degree-seeking students from the Norman campus may pursue scholarship opportunities via the Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub.

High school seniors apply for all general freshmen scholarships at OU by completing our online scholarship process which is now a section of the admission application. December 15 of the senior year is the deadline to apply for these scholarships by completing the admission/scholarship application. See Future Sooners Scholarships for general freshman scholarships covered by the admission/scholarship application. Some OU academic areas may have further requirements for scholarship selection (e.g., auditions for the School of Music, etc.).

Undergraduate transfer students will also find the transfer scholarship application as part of their admission application process. Annually March 1 is the deadline to apply for transfer scholarships by completing the admission/scholarship application. Transfer students may also be eligible for departmental scholarships. See Future Sooners Scholarships for general transfer scholarships covered by the admission/scholarship application.

Important noteStudents who receive academic, talent-based, or other awards that also receive federal financial aid may expect their financial aid awards to be revised. This is required by federal regulations.