Industrial and Systems Engineering - Analytics Option, B.S.

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Minimum Total Credit Hours: 135

Overall GPA - Combined and OU: 2.00

Major GPA - Combined and OU: 2.00

Curriculum GPA - Combined and OU: 2.00

Program Code: B529

Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

In order to progress in your curriculum in the Gallogly College of Engineering, and as a specific graduation requirement, a grade of C or better is required in each course in the curriculum, including all prerequisite courses.

Two college-level courses in a single world language are required; this may be satisfied by successful completion of 2 years in a single world language in high school. Students who must take language at the University will have an additional 6-10 hours of coursework.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
ENGL 1113 Principles of English Composition (Core I) 3
CHEM 1315 General Chemistry (Core II-Lab) 1 5
MATH 1914 Differential and Integral Calculus I (Core I) 2 4
ENGR 1411 Freshman Engineering Experience 3 1
Approved Elective: First-Year Experience (Core V) 4 3
 Credit Hours16
Second Semester
ENGL 1213
Principles of English Composition (Core I)
or Expository Writing
MATH 2924 Differential and Integral Calculus II 2 4
HIST 1483
United States to 1865 (Core IV)
or United States, 1865 to the Present
PHYS 2514 General Physics for Engineering and Science Majors (Core II) 4
C S 1323 Introduction to Computer Programming for Programmers 3
 Credit Hours17
First Semester
MATH 2934 Differential and Integral Calculus III 2 4
C S 2334 Programming Structures and Abstractions 4
CEES 2113 Statics 3
ISE 2823 Enterprise Engineering 3
PHYS 2524 General Physics for Engineering and Science Majors 4
 Credit Hours18
Second Semester
CEES 2153 Mechanics of Materials 3
ISE 2303 Design and Manufacturing Process 3
ISE 2311 Computer Aided Design and Graphics Laboratory for Industrial Engineers 1
ISE 3293 Applied Engineering Statistics 3
C S 2413 Data Structures 3
MATH 2513 Discrete Mathematical Structures 3
 Credit Hours16
First Semester
ISE 3304 Design and Manufacturing II 4
ISE 4113 Spreadsheet Dec Support Sys 3
ISE 4553 Data-Driven Decision Making I 3
ISE 4623 Deterministic Systems Models 3
C S 3203 Software Engineering 3
P SC 1113 American Federal Government (Core III) 3
 Credit Hours19
Second Semester
ISE 4223 Fundamentals of Engineering Economy 3
ISE 4563 Quality & Reliability Engineering 3
ISE 4633 Probabilistic Systems Models 3
ISE 4804 Ergonomics in Systems Design 4
ENGR 2461 Thermodynamics 1
ENGR 3441 Fluid Mechanics 1
Approved Elective: Artistic Forms (Core IV) 4 3
 Credit Hours18
First Semester
ISE 4333 Production Systems/Operations 3
ISE 4383 Systems Evaluation 3
ISE 4663 Systems Analysis Using Simulation 3
ISE 4853 Data-Driven Decision Making II 3
C S 4513 Database Management Systems (or other C S Elective) 5 3
ENGR 2431 Electrical Circuits 1
 Credit Hours16
Second Semester
ISE 4393 Capstone Design Project 3
ISE Elective 3
Approved Elective: World Culture (Core IV) 4 3
Approved Elective: Social Science (Core III) 4 3
Approved Elective: Western Culture (Core IV) 4 3
 Credit Hours15
 Total Credit Hours135

Courses designated as Core I, II, III, IV, or V are part of the General Education curriculum. Students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of General Education courses, chosen from the approved list.