Anthropology: Human Health & Biology, Ph.D.

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Minimum Total Hours: 90

Program Code: D025 R306

Program Requirements

ANTH 5001Professionalization in Anthropology1
ANTH 5223Foundations of Social Thought (core)3
ANTH 5363Linguistic Anthropology (core)3
ANTH 6633Method and Theory in Biological Anthropology (core)3
ANTH 6713Archaeological Theory (core)3
ANTH 6843Foundations of Biological and Medical Anthropology3
Choose two Methods courses from the following list or at advisor's discretion:6
Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
Ethnography of Communication
Ethnographic Methods
The Anthropology of Communities
Introduction to Population Genetics
Research Design
Spatial Methods and Technologies in Anthropology
BSE 5013
(OUHSC-Application of Microcomputers to Data Analysis)
BSE 5163
(OUHSC-Biostatistical Methods I)
BSE 5173
(OUHSC-Biostatistics Methods II)
BSE 5663
(OUHSC-Analysis of Frequency Data)
BSE 6643
(OUHSC-Survival Data Analysis)
Qualitative Research Methods
Electives as approved by the graduate liaison and advisor25-39
ANTH 6980Research for Doctoral Dissertation29-43
Total Credit Hours90

General Requirements for Doctoral Degrees

A student should expect to spend at least the equivalent of three full academic years beyond the bachelor’s degree to obtain the doctoral degree. During this period the student will take appropriate graduate coursework, successfully complete the general examination, and successfully defend and submit the final dissertation.

All coursework applied to the doctoral degree must carry graduate credit.

The doctoral degree requires at least 90 post-baccalaureate hours, including both formal coursework and hours of research.

The minimum hour requirement for a specific doctoral degree program cannot be waived.

No more than one-half of the credit hours, both OU and overall, excluding Research for Doctoral Dissertation (6980), may be S/U-graded coursework.

The student must be in residence at OU for at least two consecutive 16-week semesters during the pursuit of the doctoral degree while enrolled and engaged in coursework or research activities as prescribed by the major academic unit.

For more detailed regulations and requirements for Doctoral degrees, please consult the Graduate College Bulletin: