Global Engagement, Undergraduate Certificate

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Minimum Total Credit Hours: 18

Program Code: T215

The Global Engagement undergraduate certificate is designed to enhance students’ knowledge of the global community, including international affairs and modern global issues, as well as encourage them to become active global citizens. Certificate requirements are similar to those in the currently-existing OU program, the Global Engagement Fellowship (GEF) Program. These requirements include successfully completing required coursework; gaining or demonstrating proficiency in a modern language; studying or working abroad twice (at least one summer or winter term); becoming actively involved in international groups and events on campus; and maintaining an e-portfolio documenting their experiences and reflections. The certificate adds a formal designation to fellows' OU academic record showing that they completed a global education curriculum and provides them a tangible way to make their experiences more marketable to potential future employers. All GEFs who successfully complete the program requirements are eligible for the certificate, but it is also available to any degree-seeking OU student.

Certificate Requirements

IAS 2003Understanding the Global Community3
IAS 3910International Studies Internship3-6
Approved Study Abroad or international internship program6-9
Complete 3 credits in a modern language at the 2223 (intermediate continued) level 13
Total Credit Hours18

If a student has already obtained this level of proficiency in a relevant language, they may substitute additional approved IAS or study abroad coursework.