Meteorology, Ph.D.

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Minimum Total Hours: 90

Program Code: D685

Program Requirements

A minimum of 34 hours of letter-graded METR courses, 5000 or above (excluding METR 5990).34
The following courses must be included and must be passed with a grade of B or better.
Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science 1, 2
Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics I 1
Advanced Synoptic Meteorology 1
Atmospheric Radiation 1
Cloud and Precipitation Physics 1
METR 6970Seminar 31-10
Dissertation Research
METR 6980Research for Doctoral Dissertation (minimum 2 hours) 42
Additional coursework as needed to complete 90 post-baccalaureate hours, as approved by advisor and doctoral advisory committee44-53
Satisfactory completion of the written and oral portion of the School of Meteorology's General Exam
Satisfactory dissertation defense
Total Credit Hours90

Any of these five courses may be replaced by transfer courses with equivalent course content as indicated on the Advisory Conference Report.


METR 5004 may be waived at the discretion of the advisory committee and graduate liaison. In this case, 4 credit hours of any graduate-level meteorology courses numbered 5000 or above may be taken in lieu of METR 5004


Enrollment in at least 1 credit hour of METR 6970 is required every academic year after admission into the PhD program.


After the first semester of enrolling in METR 6980, continuous enrollment of at least 2 hours of METR 6980 each semester (excluding summer sessions) must be maintained until the doctoral degree is completed. Enrollment in the summer session is required only if (1) the degree is conferred in the summer session, or (2) work is being done on the dissertation. 


  • Transfer credits from M.S. degree: A total of up to 44 credit hours from a completed master's degree and additional graduate course work may be approved for transfer credit. Only 4 thesis research (METR 5980) credits can be transferred from a M.S. meteorology degree (the number required for the degree) 
  • S/U graded coursework restrictions: No more than one-half of the credits for OU coursework for a doctoral degree, excluding research for the dissertation (METR 6980), may be S/U-graded coursework; and no more than one-half of the overall coursework (OU credit and transfer credit, combined), excluding credits for METR 6980, may be S/U-graded coursework. 
  • A plan for the completion of the required and elective PhD course work must be indicated in the student's Advisory Conference Report or its amendments. 

General Requirements for Doctoral Degrees

A student should expect to spend at least the equivalent of three full academic years beyond the bachelor’s degree to obtain the doctoral degree. During this period the student will take appropriate graduate coursework, successfully complete the general examination, and successfully defend and submit the final dissertation.

All coursework applied to the doctoral degree must carry graduate credit.

The doctoral degree requires at least 90 post-baccalaureate hours, including both formal coursework and hours of research.

The minimum hour requirement for a specific doctoral degree program cannot be waived.

No more than one-half of the credit hours, both OU and overall, excluding Research for Doctoral Dissertation (6980), may be S/U-graded coursework.

The student must be in residence at OU for at least two consecutive 16-week semesters during the pursuit of the doctoral degree while enrolled and engaged in coursework or research activities as prescribed by the major academic unit.

For more detailed regulations and requirements for Doctoral degrees, please consult the Graduate College Bulletin: