Arts Management and Entrepreneurship Elective Lists

Business-Related Course Electives

AMGT 5173Artist Management3
AMGT 5990Independent Study1-3
ARTC 5943Business of Art: Professional Practice3
DRAM 4853Theatre Management3
ENT 5102Entrepreneurship & Innovation2
ENT 5902Entrepreneurial Leadership2
ENT 5912Capitalizing the New Venture2
ENT 5942Launching the New Venture2
ENT 5992Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies2
L S 5612Employment Law2
L S 5802Business Ethics/Legal2
MGT 5112International Management2
MGT 5702Organizational Behavior2
MGT 5712Negotiations2
MIT 5602Management Information Systems2
MKT 5402Marketing Management2
SCM 5502Fundamentals of Supply Chain2
SCM 5522Planning and Operations Management2

Weitzenhoffer College of Fine Arts Courses

ARTC 5943Business of Art: Professional Practice 13
DANC 5743Dance History: Early Roots3
DANC 5753Dance History: Three Centuries of Development3
DRAM 4853Theatre Management 13
DRAM 5990Special Studies for Graduate Students (Topic: Theatre History)2-6
MUSC 5323History of Opera3
MUSC 5373History of American Music3
MUSC 5563Music in the Classical Period3
MUSC 5970Seminar in Music History (Topic: Aesthetics of Music)1-4

These courses may only be applied toward AME Graduate Certificate once, as a Business Elective or Fine Arts Elective.

Arts Management Electives

AMGT 5030Internship I in The Arts1-3
AMGT 5213Arts Incubation Lab3
AMGT 5990Independent Study1-3