College of PACS Administrated Programs

Adult Degree Completion Programs

Integrative Studies, Bachelor of Arts

The online Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Studies is designed to make finishing a bachelor’s degree a flexible and obtainable goal. With the help of an advisor, students will design a degree program based on their career goals and interests, choosing from a broad selection of courses that will help them build a strong foundation and set of skills applicable in a wide variety of in-demand career fields, such as health care, business, and human resources.

Interdisciplinary Studies: Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts

The online Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a major in Business Administration will help students master the set of skills necessary for leadership positions in a variety of high-demand career fields. Students will master their communication prowess while strengthening other important business and leadership skills like problem-solving, ethics and brand management. Topics also include applied budget and finance, human resources administration, and more.

Interdisciplinary Studies: Criminal Justice Leadership, Bachelor of Arts

The online Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a major in Criminal Justice Leadership offers students a deeper understanding of law enforcement and the criminal justice system, paired with curriculum that details the insight and skills necessary to grow as an effective leader. Topics include judicial processes, data analysis, conflict resolution, ethics, innovative problem solving, leadership in organizations, and more.

Interdisciplinary Studies: Healthcare Management, Bachelor of Arts

The online Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a major in Healthcare Management teaches students the industry-specific management and business principles needed to succeed as a management professional in the healthcare industry. Students will learn financial, ethical, operational, and program management skills that will allow them to establish and evaluate the strategic direction of a medical facility, business, or system.

Interdisciplinary Studies: Organizational Leadership, Bachelor of Arts

The online Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a major in Organizational Leadership demonstrates how ethics, conflict resolution, diversity, social processes, and more interact to affect a leader’s decision-making at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Students explore different leadership styles, developing the strategies necessary to inspire growth and change within an organization and cultivate vital leadership skills in others.

Additional Online Degree Programs

Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science

The online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is designed for those who want to protect and serve the community. By providing a broad-based foundational understanding of the justice system, this program helps build leadership and conflict resolution abilities while integrating current, real-world issues. Whether students currently work or hope to work in law enforcement, corrections, homeland security, or juvenile justice, or victim services and restorative justice, this bachelor’s program will help them develop skills to confront any challenge. Topics include theories of criminal behavior, basic scientific process, deviance/social controls, investigations, criminal justice administration, and restorative justice processes.

Lifespan Care Administration, Bachelor of Arts

The online Bachelor of Arts in Lifespan Care Administration emphasizes caregiving best practices across the lifespan, preparing graduates to provide quality care no matter the healthcare environment. It is an accredited, flexible, and affordable degree program designed to improve the essential knowledge and skills of care facility staff and administrators. The degree can be customized based on individual interest—whether that interest is in care for children, adolescents, or the elderly. Students gain knowledge that can be applied to responsibilities and goals across the range of human development and will become familiar with the theoretical, ethical, and legal issues related to caregiving.

Organizational Leadership, Bachelor of Arts

The online Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership follows an applied approach to the study and practice of leadership. This bachelor-degree program provides students with specific, work-related principles resting on a foundation of a well-rounded liberal education. Students will learn to approach new ideas, projects, and challenges by drawing upon multiple perspectives, and thereby will increase their ability to lead others and enhance the overall leadership capacity of the organizations where they work, consult, or serve.

Undergraduate Minor Programs

Criminal Investigation Minor

The Minor in Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Analysis introduces students to a core function of law enforcement and security operations. For approximately two decades, information technology and computer analytics have steadily improved the capabilities of crime analysis, crime forecasting, and homeland security operations. These functions frequently support and augment criminal and security investigations of every kind. 

Criminal Justice Minor

The Minor in Criminal Justice allows students in other undergraduate programs at OU to explore the issues of crime, law and the criminal justice system, emphasizing courts, criminal procedure, corrections and emerging issues and trends in law enforcement. Students get a solid understanding of the criminal justice system by studying theories in policing, criminal behavior, American judicial processes, and the American correctional system.

Diversity Studies Minor

The Minor in Diversity Studies will prepare students to live and work in a pluralist society. Students will learn about diverse populations and how to apply this knowledge in their personal and professional lives. Students enrolled in the Diversity minor will acquire skills necessary to become more effective leaders, coworkers, classmates, and teachers, create positive organizational change, and serve as allies for others in their communities. 

Organizational Leadership Minor

The Minor in Organizational Leadership provides non-majors with a basic understanding of organizational behavior/leadership theories and equips students with a set of leadership skills to make positive, well-informed contributions to an organization's mission. 

Restorative Justice Minor

The Minor in Restorative Justice emphasizes services to crime victims, offenders, and communities, aiming to repair the damage done by crime. Persons working in restorative justice professions serve as victim advocates, counselors, mediators, court officers, probation and parole officers, crime prevention and restoration experts.