Interdisciplinary Studies, Ph.D.

This program is designed to provide the opportunity for synergistic research beyond established doctoral programs and among the different disciplines currently represented at the University of Oklahoma. It is for admitted doctoral students with strong academic records who have demonstrated the ability to work independently and at a high scholarly level.
Prior to preparing an application, students will discuss the proposed research areas with relevant faculty members who hold the appropriate graduate faculty status. The student will prepare the application in close consultation with the prospective committee members.

For complete information, download the IPP Packet.

Admission Requirements

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 in graduate-level coursework at OU.
  • Currently admitted to an existing OU Norman or Tulsa doctoral program, which will be referred to as the home unit.


  • Deadlines: October 15 for spring (decision anticipated by December 15) and March 15 (decision anticipated by May 15) for fall admission. These deadlines are designed to allow time for a meeting with the IPP subcommittee and revisions of application materials if requested.
    • Students who hold a master’s degree will be eligible to apply for the IPP during the second semester and before the end of the third semester in the home unit.
    • Students who do not hold a master’s degree will be eligible to apply during the fourth semester and no later than the end of the fifth semester.
  • Deviations from the timeline above will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • After submission of the application, the student will meet with the IPP subcommittee of the Graduate Council, which is the body that evaluates the application. This meeting will allow the IPP subcommittee to learn more about the student's research plans and provide the student with feedback. The chair and/or co-chair of the student's proposed doctoral committee should attend the meeting. The subcommittee will have read the submitted materials, but the student is welcome to give a 5-10 minute presentation about their project if they wish.

Graduate Council IPP Subcommittee

  • This subcommittee will be chaired by the Graduate College dean and consist of faculty members of the Graduate Council.
  • Responsibilities will include reviewing admission proposals and progress evaluations.
  • Any change to the Advisory Conference Report or request for exceptions to the policies of the Graduate College Bulletin must be approved by the IPP subcommittee, the student's doctoral committee, and the graduate liaison of the home unit.
  • The IPP subcommittee is responsible for monitoring and revising IPP guidelines and structure, subject to normal approval processes of the Graduate Council and University as required.