Broadcast Meteorology, Minor

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Minimum Total Credit Hours: 17

Minimum Upper-Division Hours: 11

Program Code: N126

The requirements for a minor must be completed concurrently with the major degree requirements. No minor may be added by completing courses after receiving the bachelor’s degree.

The Broadcasting minor is only available to Meteorology majors.

  • Students must successfully complete the LST/AIT exams prior to enrolling in JMC 2033.
  • Request to substitute a minor requirement must be approved in writing by the Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass Communication.
  • Students must complete prerequisites for all courses.

Required Courses

COMM 2613Public Speaking 13
or DRAM 1603 Voice And Diction for Non-Majors
JMC 2033Media Writing & Storytelling3
JMC 3011Practicum (TV News Editorial) 21
JMC 3011Practicum (TV News Production)1
JMC 3063Introduction to Broadcast Journalism3
JMC 3663Electronic News Gathering Techniques3
JMC 3773Television News3
Total Credit Hours17

COMM 2613 or DRAM 1603 will satisfy both major and minor requirements for Meteorology and Journalism. Choose either COMM 2613 or DRAM 1603.


JMC 3011 may be taken at anytime during the minor.

  • If the minor is officially declared, successfully completed, and noted on the graduation application, the student’s transcript will so indicate at the time the bachelor’s degree is posted.