Meteorology Upper Division Major Elective Course List

The following courses are approved for use as the Meteorology/Hydrology/Climatology Upper Division Major Elective. Please consult the School of Meteorology for the most current list.

METR 3440Mentored Research Experience3
METR 3523Managing for a Changing Climate3
METR 3890Meteorology Internship (with approval from the School)1-3
METR 4323Weather Simulation With Computers3
METR 4330Information Technology Skills for Meteorology1-3
METR 4403Application of Meteorological Theory to Severe-Thunderstorm Forecasting3
METR 4443Introduction to Tropical Meteorology3
METR 4533Earth's Past Climate3
METR 4543Global Climate Change3
METR 4553Climate and Renewable Energy3
METR 4603Advanced Observations for Lower Atmospheric Research3
METR 4633Hydrometeorology3
METR 4653Air Pollution Meteorology and Modeling3
METR 4663Radar Engineering3
METR 4693Environmental Sampling Methods3
METR 4713Private Sector Meteorology3
METR 4743Applications of Weather Forecasting3
METR 4970Special Topics/Seminar1-3
GEOG 3443Environment and Society3
GEOG 3523Managing for a Changing Climate3
GEOG 4273Regional Climatology3
GEOG 4293Hydrologic Science3
GEOG 4343Climate, History, and Society3
GEOG 4513Real-world Applications of Climate and Weather Information3
GEOG 4943Natural Hazards3
GEOL 3633Introduction to Oceanography3
IAS 3920Journey to Italy (Climate Change in Italy: Wine, Art, & Tourism))1-6
IAS 3653Energy, Climate, and Security3
ENST 3503Energy Use, Climate Change, and the Environment3
CEES 3213Water Resources Engineering3