Multidisciplinary Studies, B.S.

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Minimum Total Credit Hours: 120

Major Hours: 30

Minimum Upper-Division Hours: 48

Overall GPA - Combined and OU: 2.00

Major GPA - Combined and OU: 2.00

Program Code: B701

Major Requirements

  • Some courses required for the major may also fulfill University General Education Requirements.

Every candidate for this degree must select a major theme, which is a set of courses that meets the student's professional and personal goals. These courses must total a minimum of 30 credit hours, with a minimum of 18 hours completed at the upper-division level (3000-4000-level).

Courses should be selected in consultation with an MDS advisor to submit a Proposed Plan of Study and MDS Questionnaire to the Senior Vice Provost.  MDS Plan of Study should include at minimum the courses required by two minors or concentrations.

General Education Requirements

Courses for fulfillment of General Education requirements must be from the approved General Education course list published in the Class Schedule or at graded P/NP will not apply.

University-Wide General Education (minimum 40 hours)
Core Area I: Symbolic and Oral Communication
English Composition
ENGL 1113Principles of English Composition3
ENGL 1213Principles of English Composition3
or EXPO 1213 Expository Writing
(0-10 hours, 2 courses in the same language) May be met by successful completion of 2 years of the same language in high school
Beginning Course0-5
Beginning Course, continued0-5
Choose one course3
Core Area II: Natural Science
Choose 2 courses from different disciplines, including one laboratory component7
Core Area III: Social Science
P SC 1113American Federal Government3
Choose one course3
Core Area IV: Arts and Humanities
Artistic Forms
Choose one course3
Western Culture
HIST 1483United States to 18653
or HIST 1493 United States, 1865 to the Present
Choose one course 13
World Culture
Choose one course3
Core Area V: First Year Experience (3 hours)
Choose one course3
Total Credit Hours47

Excluding HIST 1483 and HIST 1493.

One of the courses (minimum 3 credit hours) used to satisfy General Education Requirements must be at the upper-division level and outside of the student’s major.

Free Electives

Electives to bring total applicable hours to the minimum total required for the degree including 48 upper-division hours.

Information Concerning General Rules, Regulations and Minimum Requirements

Upper-Division Hours: A minimum of 48 upper-division semester hours acceptable toward graduation must be completed. OU courses numbered 3000 or above are upper-division. Transfer work is counted as lower-division or upper-division credit depending on the level at which it was offered at the institution where it was earned. Two-year college work is accepted only as lower-division credit.
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Hours: At least 80 semester hours of liberal arts and sciences courses are required for a BA degree. At least 55 semester hours of liberal arts and sciences courses are required for a BS degree.
Major Work: A minimum of 30 credit hours, with a minimum of 18 hours completed at the upper-division level (3000-4000 level).
Pass/No Pass Enrollment: A maximum of 16 semester hours of free elective credit may be attempted under this option.
Individual Studies (e.g., courses titled “Independent Study”): A maximum of 12 total semester hours may be counted toward graduation, excluding Honors Reading and Honors Research.
P.E. Courses: No physical education activity courses will be counted toward the 120 semester hours of acceptable credit for graduation.
Senior Institution Hours: A minimum of 60 semester hours applied toward graduation must be earned at senior (4-year) institutions.

  • At least 15 of the final 30 hours applied toward the degree or at least 50 percent of the hours required in the major field must be satisfactorily completed a t O U .
  • At least 15 semester hours of upper-division major work must be completed in residence at OU.
  • Credits earned via examination are neither resident nor nonresident credit.

Grade Point Averages: Students must earn a minimum overall 2.00 for each of the following: Combined Retention GPA (all college grades), OU Retention GPA, GPA for all major courses, and GPA for all major courses taken at OU.