Environmental Design, B.S.

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Minimum Total Credit Hours: 120

Major Hours: 41

Minimum Upper-Division Hours: 48

Overall GPA - Combined and OU: 2.00

Major GPA - Combined and OU: 2.00

Program Code: B385

Major Requirements

Some courses required for the major may also fulfill University General Education Requirements

A grade of C or better must be earned in each course counted for major and major support credit.

ARCH 4453Modern and Contemporary Architecture3
L A 4613Landscape Architecture Computer Applications3
L A 4103Introduction to Landscape Architecture3
RCPL 4213Principles and Practice of Urban Planning3
EN D 3893Intro to Urban Real Estate Development3
EN D 3993Environmental Design Practicum3
EN D 4893Historic Preservation Planning3
EN D 4993Environmental Design Capstone3
Choose 17 hours from a list of approved courses maintained by the department17
Total Credit Hours41

Major Support Requirements

ECON 1113Principles of Economics-Macro3
ECON 1123Principles of Economics-Micro3
Choose one of the following:3
Principles of Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Public Speaking
ECON 2843Elements of Statistics3
or PSY 2003 Understanding Statistics
Ecology Elective
Choose 3 hours from a list of approved courses maintained by the department3
Total Credit Hours15

General Education and College Requirements

Courses designated as Core I, II, III, IV, or V are part of the General Education curriculum. Students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of General Education courses, chosen from the approved list, including at least one upper-division Gen. Ed. course outside of the student’s major. Courses graded S/U or P/NP will not apply.

Core Area I: Symbolic and Oral Communication
English Composition
ENGL 1113Principles of English Composition3
ENGL 1213Principles of English Composition3
or EXPO 1213 Expository Writing
Language (0-10 hours in the same language)
This requirement can be met by two years of the same language in high school:0-10
Beginning Course (0-5 hours)
Beginning Course, continued (0-5 hours)
Choose one course3
Core Area II: Natural Science (including one laboratory)
Natural Science
Choose one course3
Natural Science with lab
Choose one course from a different topic than natural science 4
Core Area III: Social Science
P SC 1113American Federal Government3
Choose one course3
Core Area IV: Arts & Humanities
Artistic Forms
Choose one course3
Western Culture
HIST 1483United States to 18653
or HIST 1493 United States, 1865 to the Present
Choose one course 13
World Culture
Choose one general education course at the upper division (3000-4000) level and outside of the major3
Core Area V: First-Year Experience
Choose one course3
Total Credit Hours37-47

Free Electives

Electives to bring total applicable hours to 120 including 48 upper-division hours.

Suggested Semester Plan of Study

A minimum grade of C is required in all major and major support coursework.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterCredit Hours
ENGL 1113 Principles of English Composition (Core I) 3
HIST 1483
United States to 1865 (Core IV)
or United States, 1865 to the Present
Natural Science – Advised Elective (Core II) 3
Communications Elective 3
First-Year Experience (Core V) 3
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
Any Gen. Ed. Approved MATH course (Core I) 3
ENGL 1213
Principles of English Composition (Core I)
or Expository Writing
P SC 1113 American Federal Government (Core III) 3
Ecology Elective 3
ECON 1113 Principles of Economics-Macro 3
 Credit Hours15
Second Year
First Semester
Natural Science with Lab ‐ Advised Elective (Core II) 4
Western Civilization – Advised Elective (Core IV) 3
ECON 1123 Principles of Economics-Micro 3
L A 4103 Introduction to Landscape Architecture 3
Major Elective 3
 Credit Hours16
Second Semester
Artistic Forms (Core IV) 3
Social Science – Advised Elective (Core III) 3
Major Elective 3
Major Elective 3
ECON 2843
Elements of Statistics
or Understanding Statistics
 Credit Hours15
Third Year
First Semester
RCPL 4213 Principles and Practice of Urban Planning 3
EN D 3893 Intro to Urban Real Estate Development 3
Upper Division World Culture (Core IV) 3
ARCH 4453 Modern and Contemporary Architecture 3
Major Elective 2
 Credit Hours14
Second Semester
EN D 3993 Environmental Design Practicum 3
L A 4613 Landscape Architecture Computer Applications 3
Open Elective 3
Open Elective 3
Open Elective 3
 Credit Hours15
Fourth Year
First Semester
EN D 4893 Historic Preservation Planning 3
Major Elective 3
Open Elective 3
Open Elective 3
Open Elective 3
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
EN D 4993 Environmental Design Capstone 3
Major Elective 3
Open Elective 3
Open Elective 3
Open Elective 3
 Credit Hours15
 Total Credit Hours120