UCOL-University College

UCOL 1002. Foundations for College Learning.2 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: Freshman standing and departmental permission. Foundations for College Learning is OU's introduction to college course, assisting in the transition from high school to college. First-year students build skills critical to their success (critical reading, effective study skills, time-management, test taking, etc.), explore major and career planning, learn about campus policies and procedures, are introduced to campus resources, and build a community with other first-year students. (F, Sp)

UCOL 1013. Introductory Seminars.3 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: departmental permission. This course is intended to assist students in the transition from high school to college. Focus is placed on both the characteristics and behavior of the successful college student. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to, study skills, time management, goal setting, learning styles, financial planning, emotional intelligence, and personal and civic responsibility. (F, Sp, Su)

UCOL 1022. University College Seminar.2 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: None. May be repeated with change of topic; maximum credit 12 hours. Each seminar is developed and taught by an individual faculty member who leads students through an in-depth exploration of a specific intellectual topic. This course does not count for major credit in any department. However, the course may count for elective credit as granted by a department. (F, Sp)

UCOL 1031. Exploring Careers.1 Credit Hour.

Designed for students who have decided on a major and are beginning the process of exploring their career options. Students will have the opportunity to engage in self-assessment, perform career research, investigate additional academic opportunities, and create action plans to prepare for post-college careers. (F, Sp)

UCOL 2002. Strategies for Success.2 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: permission of instructor. May be repeated; maximum credit four hours. Strategies for Success is designed to assist students in reaching their academic potential. It is required for students who are on academic probation, notice, or who are identified by University College to be in need of academic assistance. This course will emphasize study skills, time management, motivation, and goal setting. (F, Sp)

UCOL 2021. Choosing a Major.1 Credit Hour.

Designed to help students decide on a major that fits their personality, interests, skills, and goals. Working through the decision-making process, this activity-based class uses self-assessments, group discussions, and in-class research to explore majors and careers. Students will decide on a major or narrow their options, and have the skills and resources needed to make decisions about future career choices. (F, Sp)

UCOL 2970. Special Topics/Seminar.1-3 Credit Hours.

1 to 3 hours. Prerequisite: May be repeated; Maximum credit nine hours. Special topics course for content not currently offered in regularly scheduled courses. May include library and/or laboratory research, and field projects. (Irreg.)

UCOL 3001. Transitions for Transfer Students.1 Credit Hour.

Prerequisite: must be a transfer student. Introduces transfer students to the academic requirements, policies, and resources at the University of Oklahoma. Students will learn about academic advising, transfer credit, degree programs, resources, student life, and methods for achieving academic success at a four-year research institution. (F, Sp)

UCOL 3440. Mentored Research Experience.3 Credit Hours.

0 to 3 hours. Prerequisites: ENGL 1113 or equivalent, and permission of instructor. May be repeated; maximum credit 12 hours. For the inquisitive student to apply the scholarly processes of the discipline to a research or creative project under the mentorship of a faculty member. Student and instructor should complete an Undergraduate Research & Creative Projects (URCP) Mentoring Agreement and file it with the URCP office. Not for honors credit. (F, Sp, Su)