KIOW 1715. Beginning Kiowa.5 Credit Hours.

Introduction to the structure of the Kiowa language with special attention to its phonology, morphology, and syntax. Conversational practice, vocabulary-building, and the history and culture of the native speech community also are emphasized. (F, Sp)[I-FL].

KIOW 1725. Beginning Kiowa Continued.5 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: KIOW 1715 or permission of the department or instructor. A continuation of KIOW 1715. The students will build upon their prior knowledge of symbols, diacritic marks, sounds and tones necessary to read, write, speak and comprehend Beginning Kiowa with a predetermined set of vocabulary, sentences, and basic conversation. (F, Sp)[I-FL].

KIOW 2733. Intermediate Kiowa.3 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: 1723. A systematic review of the structure of the Kiowa language. Syntactic control and vocabulary expansion are emphasized. Conversational practice and traditional oral texts are used to develop proficiency. (F)

KIOW 3440. Mentored Research Experience.3 Credit Hours.

0 to 3 hours. Prerequisites: ENGL 1113 or equivalent, and permission of instructor. May be repeated; maximum credit 12 hours. For the inquisitive student to apply the scholarly processes of the discipline to a research or creative project under the mentorship of a faculty member. Student and instructor should complete an Undergraduate Research & Creative Projects (URCP) Mentoring Agreement and file it with the URCP office. Not for honors credit. (F, Sp, Su)