ENGB-Energy for Business

ENGB 5131. Energy Upstream/Downstream.1 Credit Hour.

Prerequisite: open to MBA students only. Students will gain an understanding of the operations and economics of the upstream sector in most of its aspects: reserves, players, investments, costs, benchmarking, etc. Understand the operations and the main economic characteristics of the refining and distribution. (F)

ENGB 5142. Introduction to Energy.2 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing in Price College of Business and departmental permission. Experiential learning course including video overview of oil and gas business. Site visits will include some or all of the following: drilling rig, oil and gas production and midstream facilities, power generation plant, and OU Well Construction Technology Center. Valuation project requires students to contact investor relations department and complete strategic analysis with financial model to analyze an energy company. (Irreg.)

ENGB 5152. Energy Accounting and Regulations.2 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing in Price College of Business, ENGB 5142, and departmental permission. This course provides an overview of federal and state regulatory law in the US affecting natural gas and oil producers and developers, interstate and intrastate pipelines, gas and power marketing companies, and power generating and transmission companies. The major accounting and tax issues affecting the energy industry are also covered. (Irreg.)

ENGB 5162. Energy Corporate Finance.2 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: graduate standing in Price College of Business, FIN 5312; FIN 5322; and ENGB 5142. Provides students specialized knowledge of the corporate finance of firms in the energy sector. Provides an integrated perspective on assessing and financing energy projects, corporate risk management in the energy industry, and issues pertaining to mergers, acquisitions and restructuring in energy firms. While the course will be rigorous and solidly grounded in theoretical concepts, it will provide a thoroughly applied perspective on topics covered by the use of case studies and other hands-on learning opportunities. (Sp)

ENGB 5172. Energy Assets and Commodities: Financial Instruments, Pricing and Trading.2 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing in Price College of Business; FIN 5322; and ENGB 5142. Provides a comprehensive and in-depth review of the market for energy assets and commodities: including trading platforms, pricing issues, forecasting, role and linkage with associated futures, forwards and options contracts, study of "basis" and spreads, and hedging strategies. The course will be anchored solidly within a theoretical conceptual framework and be supported with relevant case studies. (F)

ENGB 5182. Enterprise Valuation, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructuring.2 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: MBA majors only; ENGB 5162. Covers divestitures and the entire Mergers and Acquisitions continuum from valuation, through post-merger integration for energy companies. Provides tools, templates, and proven techniques managers need to efficiently combine different processes and organizations, and cultures. The course presents and examines the latest case studies and research findings in the energy industry. (F)

ENGB 5490. Readings in Energy for Business.1-3 Credit Hours.

1 to 3 hours. Prerequisite: graduate standing and permission. May be repeated; maximum credit six hours. Preparation and submission of a research report on an assigned comprehensive topic relating to a topic in energy not offered in the current curriculum. (F, Sp, Su)

ENGB 5970. Special Topics/ Seminar in Energy for Business.1-3 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: graduate standing, permission of instructor. May be repeated with change of topic; maximum credit six hours. Seminar in latest developments in research and theory from the energy field. Special topics or seminar course for content not currently offered in regularly scheduled courses. May include library and/or laboratory research and field projects. (F, Sp, Su)