Mathematics/MBA Accelerated Course Lists

Approved Shared Course List

FIN 5102Financial Management2
FIN 5112Investments2
ACCT 5202Financial Accounting2
B AD 5812Global Business Experience2

Graduate Math Electives

MATH 4073Numerical Analysis I3
MATH 4163Introduction to Partial Differential Equations3
MATH 4733Mathematical Theory of Probability3
MATH 4753Applied Statistical Methods3
MATH 5123Fourier Transforms3
MATH 5163Partial Differential Equations3
MATH 5383Applied Modern Algebra3
MATH 5673Graph Theory I3
MATH 5743Introduction to Mathematical Statistics3
MATH 5773Applied Regression Analysis3
MATH 5793Advanced Applied Statistics3

Master of Business administration Electives

ENT 5942Launching the New Venture2
ENT 5992Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies2
FIN 5332Risk Management2
FIN 5352International Financial Management2
FIN 5362Fixed Income Securities and Markets2
FIN 5613Student Investment Fund3
FIN 5372Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring2
MGT 5712Negotiations2
MIT 5612Database Design and Administration2
MIT 5662Project Management (Irreg.)2
MIT 5682Business Data Analysis2
MIT 5732Management of Business Intelligence2
MIT 5772Principles of Data Warehousing2
MIT 5032Analytics Programming (Python or R)2
MIT 5822Health Information Technologies2
B AD 5822Business Consulting Practicum2
MGT 5112International Management2
ENT 5902The Entrepreneurial Process2
ENT 5912Capitalizing the New Venture2
ENT 5934Strategic Venture Development4
FIN 5322Derivative Securities and Markets2
FIN 5342Advanced Corporate Finance2
FIN 5613Student Investment Fund3
MIT 5612Database Design and Administration2
MIT 5732Management of Business Intelligence2
SCM 5502Supply Chain Management2
SCM 5522Production/Operations Management2
FIN 5382Financial Modeling2
L S 5612Employment Law2
SCM 5522Production/Operations Management2