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This is the University of Oklahoma General Catalog. It describes degree programs available at OU at the undergraduate and graduate levels on the Norman campus.

Many academic units make changes in their degree requirements and courses between publications of the General Catalog. Check with the academic unit or college office to determine if changes have been made.

Explanation of Sections

The OU Difference

The chapter outlines various programs and facilities that combine to make study at OU unique and highlights their contribution to the community.

Admission, Enrollment and Student Financial Services

This chapter describes application procedures and outlines the steps required from admission to graduation. This chapter also explains OU’s academic standards and policies for the release of academic records. Additionally, information regarding enrollment services is covered. It also describes the scholarships and financial aid programs available to OU students and explains how to apply for them. Because tuition and fees may vary from semester to semester, check the current class schedule for the most recent information.

Student Affairs

One of the keys to academic success is becoming involved in the life of the university community. This chapter describes the array of services, programs and activities available to students that affect life outside the classroom. Included is information on housing, support and recreational services, student organizations and publications, and nonacademic facilities.

College Chapters

Each of the degree-granting colleges on the Norman campus has its own chapter in this catalog. Information about the colleges at the OU Health Sciences Center is combined in a single chapter. The OU-Tulsa campus is described in the Organization section.

All new undergraduate students coming directly from high school, and many undergraduate transfer students, are admitted initially to University College and should consult the University College chapter. University College offers no degrees, and its mission is to assist students in making the transition to university life. Students remain enrolled in University College until they have declared a major and have completed the requirements for admission to a degree–recommending college. Once students have met the requirements to enter a degree college, their records and advising are transferred from University College to the degree college. Transfer students who meet the requirements for admission will be admitted directly to a degree college. Graduate students are admitted directly to the Graduate College and professional students to the appropriate professional college. You should read the chapter of the college that offers the degree program in which you plan to enroll.


Reserve Officer Training Corps programs available at the University are described.


This section of the catalog contains information about the Equal Opportunity Policy, Student Code of Responsibility and Conduct for the Norman campus, Academic Integrity Policy, Reasonable Accommodation Policy, Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination, and Harassment Policy, Student Grievance Policy, and University email notifications.

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