SRRE-Music Recitals

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SRRE 4012. Capstone Experience.2 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: MUTE 4512, permission of applied instrument instructor, senior standing, majors only. The Senior Capstone Experience is designed to be a culmination of the student's undergraduate music study and place it in a larger social, intellectual, and professional context. Students choose the type of project they will complete for their capstone experience. The project may incorporate all aspects of the student's undergraduate music education including secondary emphases or majors. (F, Sp) [V].

SRRE 4021. Senior Capstone Recital.1 Credit Hour.

Prerequisite: 4012 or concurrent enrollment, concurrent enrollment in 4020, permission of instructor. Preparation and performance of a public recital by students in all undergraduate music programs. Students are advised to and should complete the Capstone Writing Seminar the semester before the Senior Capstone Recital. (F, Sp) [V] .