HCB-Health Care Business

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HCB 3440. Mentored Research Experience.3 Credit Hours.

0 to 3 hours. Prerequisites: ENGL 1113 or equivalent, and permission of instructor. May be repeated; maximum credit 12 hours. For the inquisitive student to apply the scholarly processes of the discipline to a research or creative project under the mentorship of a faculty member. Student and instructor should complete an Undergraduate Research & Creative Projects (URCP) Mentoring Agreement and file it with the URCP office. Not for honors credit. (F, Sp, Su)

HCB 3613. Healthcare Marketing and Administration.3 Credit Hours.

(Crosslisted with MKT 3613) Prerequisite for Business Majors: Business Candidacy & MKT 3013 Prerequisite for Non-business Majors: MKT 2013 or 3013. Healthcare organizations must be prepared to shift their strategies in order to meet the increasing demands in this dynamic market. The purpose of this course is to apply the systems of marketing and administration to the problems of health care organizations and provide an insight to the business problems healthcare organizations are likely to encounter. (F, Sp)

HCB 3980. Honors Research.1-3 Credit Hours.

1 to 3 hours. Prerequisite: admission to Honors Program. May be repeated; maximum credit six hours. Provides an opportunity for the gifted Honors candidate to work at a special project in the student's field. (F, Sp, Su)

HCB 3990. Independent Study.1-3 Credit Hours.

1 to 3 hours. Prerequisite: permission of instructor and junior standing. May be repeated once with change of content. Independent study may be arranged to study a subject not available through regular course offerings. (F, Sp, Su)

HCB G4363. Business Infrastructure and Cyber Security.3 Credit Hours.

(Crosslisted with MIS 4363) Prerequisites: junior standing; senior standing; graduate standing; student must be approved for degree candidacy by Price College; MIS 2113; MGT 3013; MKT 3013; LS 3323; FIN 3303. Provides information necessary to gain an understanding of communications and telecommunications networks, and cyber security concepts. Key topic areas of the course are: OSI and Internet network models, Standards & Protocols, Business Infrastructure Design (LAN, WLAN, Backbone Networks, WAN, Connection to the Internet), Cyber Security Concepts, Basic technical and managerial aspects of business infrastructure, Practitioners concerns and perspectives. (F, Sp)

HCB 4613. Ethical and Regulatory Issues in Healthcare.3 Credit Hours.

(Crosslisted with MKT 4613) Prerequisite: MKT 3013, HCB 3613 or MKT 3613, LS 3323 prerequisite or concurrent enrollment; student must be approved for degree candidacy by Price College. This course explores the complex moral, ethical and legal issues that continue to arise within the healthcare profession, providing an opportunity to apply concepts learned in previous course studies. Case studies and supplemental readings will augment the text in guiding the student to a better understanding of healthcare economics. (F, Sp)

HCB 4623. Competitive and Economic Environment of Healthcare.3 Credit Hours.

(Crosslisted with MKT 4623) Prerequisite: for Business Majors: Business Candidacy, MKT/HCB 3613; for Non-business Majors: ECON 1123 and MKT/HCB 3613. A range of new governmental regulatory interventions in the healthcare arena and changes to the economic environment are linked to uncertainty in the structure of health insurance; the contractual arrangements and relationships that exist between patients, doctors, and hospitals. Explore these issues in detail and case studies that will guide the student to a better understanding of healthcare economics. (F, Sp)

HCB 4633. Healthcare Supply Chain Management.3 Credit Hours.

(Crosslisted with SCM 4633) Prerequisite: MKT 3613 or HCB 3613; student must be approved for degree candidacy by Price College. The healthcare supply chain is a critical core business component of the healthcare delivery system. The purpose of this course is to bring an overview of the healthcare supply chain through the elements of the supply chain, the operational aspects and the strategic aspects of the integration of the supply chain with the clinical delivery of care. (F, Sp)