B C-Business Communication

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B C 2813. Business Communications.3 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: Business majors and students enrolled in approved degree programs or by permission of Price College advising; ENGL 1213 or EXPO 1213 or equivalent. Introduces the strategies, processes, and resources necessary for writers in business and professional contexts. Students practice informative and analytical business genres while gaining expertise in research, writing, and revision. (F, Sp, Su)

B C 3000. Special Topics in Business Communication.1-3 Credit Hours.

1 to 3 hours. Prerequisite: 2813. May be repeated with change of content; maximum credit six hours. Content varies but may cover topics such as presentations and performance, intercultural business communications, communications in team building, leadership and managerial communications, organizational communication, business communication ethics, communication strategy and persuasion and others, depending on instruction. Course will be writing intensive. (Irreg.)

B C 3003. Workplace Skills.3 Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: Student must be approved for degree candidacy by Price college. Available for non-business student with approval. This hands-on, engaging course will familiarize students with the soft skills necessary to successfully meet the people-to-people challenges of today's workplace. Each student will complete a personal communication style assessment. (F, Sp, Su)

B C 3440. Mentored Research Experience.3 Credit Hours.

0 to 3 hours. Prerequisites: ENGL 1113 or equivalent, and permission of instructor. May be repeated; maximum credit 12 hours. For the inquisitive student to apply the scholarly processes of the discipline to a research or creative project under the mentorship of a faculty member. Student and instructor should complete an Undergraduate Research & Creative Projects (URCP) Mentoring Agreement and file it with the URCP office. Not for honors credit. (F, Sp, Su)

B C 3960. Honors Reading.1-3 Credit Hours.

1 to 3 hours. Prerequisite: Admission to Honors Program. May be repeated; maximum credit six hours. Consists of topics designated by the instructor in keeping with the student's major program. The topics will cover materials not usually presented in the regular courses. (F, Sp, Su)

B C 3970. Honors Seminar.1-3 Credit Hours.

1 to 3 hours. Prerequisite: admission to Honors Program. May be repeated; maximum credit six hours. Subjects covered vary. Deals with concepts not usually treated in regular courses. (Irreg.)

B C 3980. Honors Research.1-3 Credit Hours.

1 to 3 hours. Prerequisite: Admission to Honors Program. May be repeated; maximum credit six hours. Will provide an opportunity for the gifted Honors candidate to work at a special project in the student's field. (F, Sp, Su)

B C 3990. Independent Study.1-3 Credit Hours.

1 to 3 hours. Prerequisite: permission of instructor and junior standing. May be repeated once with change of content. Independent study may be arranged to study a subject not available through regular course offerings. (F, Sp, Su)