Architecture Doctoral Programs

Ph.D in Planning, Design and Construction

The Ph.D in Planning, Design and Construction is available to students wishing to pursue a specialized research or creative agenda. This program consists of coursework tailored to the student’s interests, providing practitioners and students with an opportunity to deepen their expertise in a particular realm of research. Students typically work closely with a faculty committee to select courses from across the University to create an individualized educational plan.

Students in the Ph.D in Planning, Design and Construction degree program are offered a combination of courses from the five disciplines of the College of Architecture including: graduate level elective seminars; professional practice; history and theory; structures; and sustainable design and technology. Students have the opportunity to study with leading scholars of the College of Architecture, as well as University-wide fields as diverse as Engineering, Geography, History of Science, and more. Students gradually narrow and focus their research agendas, culminating in a written or designed final dissertation. Ultimately, graduates are well prepared to develop and undertake new research and creative endeavors.

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