Industrial and Systems Engineering Doctoral Programs

The doctoral program prepares students for careers in academia and for advanced professional careers in research and development. Doctoral students are capable of advancing the frontiers of knowledge through independent research and scholarship.


The program requires a total of 90 hours:

  • 9 hours Core Courses: ISE 5013ISE 5023ISE 5033
  • 39-51 hours Additional Coursework:
    • 9 hours of 6000-level ISE coursework (can include ISE 6990 taught by the major professor; must be approved by the advisory committee)
    • 3 hours of 5000/6000-level ISE coursework
    • 9 hours of Elective coursework, as approved by the graduate liaison and advisory committee
    • 18-30 hours of additional coursework
  • 30-42 hours Dissertation Research ISE 6980

Students with an MS thesis from a recognized industrial engineering program may petition the Graduate Committee to apply up to 30 hours from the MS degree and waive the core course requirements. If a student is approved to waive core course requirements, these courses must be replaced by other courses not including independent study.