Civil Engineering and Environmental Science Doctoral Programs

CEES offers doctoral degrees in environmental science, environmental engineering, and civil engineering. A master’s degree in a related discipline is typically required for admission to all CEES Ph.D. degree programs, although students who have outstanding academic credentials and a documented record of research experience at the undergraduate level may occasionally be admitted to the doctoral program without a master’s degree. Admission to the doctoral program in environmental engineering or civil engineering also requires at least one degree in engineering, or completion of the entrance requirements for the MS in Environmental Engineering or MSCE degree program. For applicants to the Ph.D. program in environmental engineering who do not have at least one degree in engineering, Open Channel Flow (CEES 4123G or equivalent) can be substituted for Water Resources Engineering (CEES 3213 or equivalent) as an entrance requirement.


The program requires a total of 90 hours1:

  • 1 hour Technical Communications course CEES 5021
  • 30+ hours Civil Engineering and Environmental Science courses
  • 12+ hours coursework outside the department
  • 2-41 hours Dissertation Research CEES 6980

In addition to coursework, the doctoral degree program requires completion of research that expands knowledge in the fundamental concepts of environmental science, environmental engineering, or civil engineering. Each doctoral student is therefore expected to produce a research dissertation that describes significant new findings in their field, and that is sufficient in scope to form the basis of three or more papers published in refereed journals.