International Studies Accelerated Course Lists

Undergraduate Courses

I. International Relations

GEOG 2603World Regional Geography3
IAS 2603Governments Around the World3
IAS 3013International Law3
IAS 3033International Human Rights3
IAS 3043Global Security3
IAS 3053Globalization: The Politics of Global Governance3
IAS 3083International Activism3
IAS 3153Chinese Foreign Policy3
IAS 3213European Union, Nato, and European Security3
IAS 3313Latin American International Relations3
IAS 3383The United Nations & World Politics3
IAS 3403US-Iranian Relations: History, Politics, and the Road to Confrontation3
IAS 3433International Relations in the Middle East3
IAS 3503The United States and the Middle East: 1945-Present3
IAS 3583Managing US-China Relations3
IAS 3653Energy, Climate, and Security3
IAS 3703South Asian Security3
IAS 3743The Politics of the International System3
IAS 3823Technology & War3
P SC 3513Causes of War3
P SC 3533Contemporary Terrorism3
P SC 3543United States-Latin American Relations3
P SC 4873Tools of Statecraft3

II. Development & Economics

ECON 4713
ECON 4733Economic Development in the Middle East3
ECON 4853World Economic Development3
GEOG 3243Principles of Economic Geography3
HON 3993Honors Colloquium (Topic: Africa & the Urge to Help)3
IAS 3073Global Economic Relations3
IAS 3253Africa in the World Economy3
IAS 3263The Economic Lives of the Poor and Rural Development3
IAS 3273The European Union3
IAS 3283Culture, Power, and Global Environment3
IAS 3323The Political Economy of Development3
IAS 3633
IAS 3643Illicit Trafficking3
IAS 3683Poverty and Inequality in the Middle East3
IAS 3803International Cooperation & Development3
IAS 3813Development Practice3
P SC 3553International Political Economy3
SOC 3803Inequality in A Global Perspective3

III. History & Culture

HIST 3313Israeli Culture Through Film3
IAS 2413Islam3
IAS 3203The Middle East Since World War I3
IAS 3223Modern Iran: Islam, Politics, and the State, 1500 to the Present3
IAS 3353Modern Brazil3
IAS 3413Iran & Islam to 1800: History, Culture, and Society in the Pre-Modern Period3
IAS 3783US-Arab Cultural Encounters3
IAS/HIST 4513Intellectuals & Artists in Modern Latin America3
IAS/HIST 4523Latin American Left3
IAS/HIST 4533Populism in 20th-Century South America3
IAS/HIST 4543Latin America in the Age of the Cuban Revolution3
P SC 3563United States Diplomatic History3

IV. Politics & Society

GEOG 3513Political Geography3
IAS 3063Politics of Developing Countries3
IAS 3143Chinese Politics3
IAS 3173Rural Life in Modern China3
IAS 3193Environment and Disease Crises in China3
IAS 3233Nationalism and the Middle East3
IAS 3243Contemporary Europe3
IAS 3393Iranian Society through Cinema3
IAS 3473The Arab-Israeli Conflict3
IAS 34933
IAS 3523Women and Gender in South Asia3
IAS 3603Energy, Environment & Climate Change in China3
IAS 3663Comparative Politics of the Middle East3
IAS 3723Sexuality & Identity in the Islamic World3
IAS 3753Youth Culture in Contemporary Iran3
IAS 3763Women and Gender in the Middle East3
IAS 3773State & Society in Pakistan3
IAS 3793African Politics & Society3
IAS 3833Democratic Decline in Global Perspective3
IAS 3863Global Environment3
P SC 3643Democracies and Democratization: A Comparative Inquiry3
P SC 3653Government and Politics of Latin America3

Graduate Courses

Area Studies

IAS 5153Chinese Foreign Policy3
IAS 5213Politics of the European Union3
IAS 5353Latin American International Relations3
IAS 5433International Relations in the Middle East3
IAS 5453Politics and Policy of the Middle East3
IAS 5693Political Economy of China3
IAS 5940Topics in International Studies (Topic: Global Environment)1-4
IAS 5940Topics in International Studies (Topic: Politics of Language)1-4
HIST 6200Seminar in European History2-4
HIST 6300Seminar in Latin American History1-4
HIST 6600Seminar in Middle Eastern History1-4
HIST 6800Seminar in Modern Japanese History1-4
P SC 5600Problems in Comparative Government2-3
P SC 5603Russian Politics in Comparative Perspective3
P SC 5683Politics in Latin America3

Law & Institutions

IAS 5013International Law3
IAS 5213Politics of the European Union3
IAS 5940Topics in International Studies (Topic: Law and Globalization)1-4
IAS 5940Topics in International Studies (Topic: Global Governance)1-4
P SC 5543International Law and Organizations3

Global security

IAS 5043Global Security3
IAS 5473Arab-Israeli Conflict3
P SC 5553
P SC 5623
P SC 5653Democracies and Democratization3