International Development Course Lists

II. Areas of Concentration

Group A - Political Economy
ECON 4713
ECON 4733Economic Development in the Middle East3
ECON 4853World Economic Development3
GEOG 3243Principles of Economic Geography3
GEOG 3513Political Geography3
IAS 3063Politics of Developing Countries3
IAS 3253Africa in the World Economy3
IAS 3263The Economic Lives of the Poor and Rural Development3
IAS 3313Latin American International Relations3
IAS 3603Energy, Environment & Climate Change in China3
IAS 3743The Politics of the International System3
IAS 3803International Cooperation & Development3
Group B. Social, Cultural, and Historical Perspectives
AFAM 2113Africa and the Diaspora3
ANTH 2203Global Cultural Diversity3
ANTH 4303Women and Development in Africa3
ANTH 4633Cultures & Communities of Latin America3
ENST 3233Sustainable Communities3
GEOG 1103Human Geography3
GEOG 2603World Regional Geography3
GEOG 4003The Global City and Planning Issues3
GEOG 4573Indigenous Peoples and Resources3
HIST 2713Survey of African Civilization3
HIST 4093Urban Destruction and Reconstruction3
HSCI 3483Technology, Politics, and International Development3
HON 2963Perspectives on the Global Experience3
HON 3993Honors Colloquium (Topic: Africa & the Urge to Help)3
IAS 3173Rural Life in Modern China3
IAS 3193Environment and Disease Crises in China3
IAS 3203The Middle East Since World War I3
IAS 3283Culture, Power, and Global Environment3
IAS 3353Modern Brazil3
IAS 3383The United Nations & World Politics3
IAS 34933
IAS 3553Violence and Culture in the Developing World3
IAS 3683Poverty and Inequality in the Middle East3
IAS 3793African Politics & Society3
IAS 3863Global Environment3
IAS 4523Latin American Left3
IAS 4533Populism in 20th-Century South America3
SOC 37533
SOC 3803Inequality in A Global Perspective3
WGS 3123Social Justice and Social Change3
WGS 3513Gender, Law and Human Rights3
WGS 3563Gender and Global Politics3

III. Skills for Research, Quantitative Analysis, Technical Applications, or Management

ANTH 4713Statistical Concepts in Anthropology3
NPNG 2033Fundamentals of Nonprofit Management I3
NPNG 3033Fundamentals of Nonprofit Management II3
ECON 1123Principles of Economics-Micro3
ECON 2843Elements of Statistics3
GEOG 3924Quantitative Methods4
IAS 3813Development Practice3
PSY 2003Understanding Statistics3
P SC 2013Introduction to Political Analysis3
P SC 2223Making Public Policy3
P SC/SOC 3123Social Statistics3
SOC 3133Methods of Social Research3