Global Energy, Environment, and Resources Course Lists

II. Areas of Concentration

Energy, Climate, and the Environment
AGSC 2014The Earth System4
BIOL 3403Principles of Ecology3
ENST 3503Energy Use, Climate Change, and the Environment3
GEOG 3003Interpreting Planet Earth3
GEOG 4273Regional Climatology3
GEOG 4283Biogeography3
GEOG 4523Life Cycle Analysis3
GEOG 4583Energy Systems and Sustainability3
IAS 3603Energy, Environment & Climate Change in China3
IAS 3653Energy, Climate, and Security3
METR 1014Introduction to Weather and Climate4
PBIO 2404Ecology & Environmntl Quality4
Environment & Global Ethics
ENST 3213Law and the Environment3
ENST 3223Environmental Justice3
ENST 3233Sustainable Communities3
ENST 3603Global Perspectives of Wildlife Conservation3
GEOG 3233Principles of Sustainability3
GEOG 3253Environmental Conservation3
GEOG/RCPL 4003The Global City and Planning Issues3
HSCI 3473History of Ecology and Environmentalism3
IAS 3003Topics in International and Area Studies3
IAS 3013International Law3
IAS 3863Global Environment3
PHIL 3293Environmental Ethics3
International Society and Environment
ANTH 2253Human and Animal Interaction Across Cultures3
ENST 2623Human-Wildlife Interactions3
ENST 3003Nature and Culture3
ENST 3013Globalization, Culture, and the Environment3
ENST 3413Human Health, Disease, and the Environment3
GEOG 1203Global Environmental Issues3
GEOG 3443Environment and Society3
GEOG 3563Geography of Natural Resources3
GEOG 3843Gender and Environment3
GEOG 4343Climate, History, and Society3
GEOG 4563American Indian Geographies3
GEOG 4573Indigenous Peoples and Resources3
GEOL 3023The Geology of Natural Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa3
HSCI 1113Science, Nature and Society: Historical Perspectives3
IAS 3083International Activism3
IAS 3173Rural Life in Modern China3
IAS 3193Environment and Disease Crises in China3
IAS 3283Culture, Power, and Global Environment3