Asian Studies Course Lists

III. History

HIST 1723East Asia to 16003
HIST 1733East Asia Since 16003
HIST 3840
HIST 3853Japan to 18503
HIST 3863Japan Since 18503
HIST 3873Early Imperial China3
HIST 3883Late Imperial China3
HIST 3903Contemporary Japan3
HIST 3913The Samurai in Japanese History3
HIST 3923China Since 19113
HIST 4203Classical China3
HIST 4213China's Art of War3
HIST 4563History of India3
HSCI 3313Science and Technology in Asian History3
IAS 3173Rural Life in Modern China3
IAS 3193Environment and Disease Crises in China3
IAS 3573

IV. Politics and Society

ANTH 3803Asian Prehistory3
COMM 4513International Communication3
IAS/P SC 2603Governments Around the World3
IAS 3143Chinese Politics3
IAS 3153Chinese Foreign Policy3
IAS 3523Women and Gender in South Asia3
IAS 35633
IAS 3583Managing US-China Relations3
IAS 3603Energy, Environment & Climate Change in China3
IAS 3703South Asian Security3
IAS 3773State & Society in Pakistan3
IAS 3910International Studies Internship2-3
P SC 3633Politics in East Asia3

V. Arts and Humanities

ENGL 2970Special Topics (Topic: Asian Literature in English)1-3
FMS 3843Topics in National Cinema (Topic: Eas Asian Cinema)3
IAS/PHIL 1223Introduction to Asian Philosophy3
IAS/PHIL 3343Chinese Philosophy3
IAS/PHIL 4343Early Chinese Philosophy3
MLLL 3223Japan Through Film and Literature3
MLLL 3233Japanese Literature since 19453
MLLL 3623Pre-Modern Japanese Literature and Culture3
MLLL 3633Modern Japanese Literature and Culture3
MLLL 3753Modern Chinese Literature and Culture3
MLLL 3763Chinese Cinema3
MLLL 4993Epics of India: Ramayana and Mahabarata3
MUNM 3113World Music3
MUNM 34133
MUNM 3513Music of South Asia3
RELS 2703Introduction to Buddhism3
RELS 2713Introduction to Hinduism3
RELS 3223Religion and Nationalism in India3
RELS 3723Buddhist Meditation Traditions3
RELS 3743Daoism3
RELS 39333