Minor Electives

International & Area Studies
IAS 3003Topics in International and Area Studies (Approved topic)3
IAS 3063
IAS 3253
IAS 3693Military, State & Society3
IAS 3793African Politics & Society3
IAS 3803International Cooperation & Development3
IAS 3810Journey to Africa1-6
African and African-American Studies
AFAM 3123West African and African-American Experiences3
AFAM 4133Contemporary Visual Art of Africa3
AFAM 4213African Dance3
ANTH 4303Women and Development in Africa3
COMM 3513Intercultural Communication3
COMM 4513International Communication3
ECON 4823
ECON 4853World Economic Development3
GEOG 3223The British Empire and its Successor States3
GEOG 3890Selected Studies in Geography (Approved topic)3
GEOL 3023The Geology of Natural Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa3
HIST 3723Africa Since 19453
HIST 4493Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade3
Honors College
HON 3993Honors Colloquium (Topic: Africa & the Urge to Help)3
HON 3993Honors Colloquium (Topic: Christianity & Sub-Saharan Africa)3
HON 3993Honors Colloquium (Topic: Modern African Lives)3
Music for Non-Majors
MUNM 3313African Repercussions3