Philosophy Major Distribution Lists

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Ethics & Values

PHIL 3023Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art3
PHIL 3033Philosophy and Literature3
PHIL 3253History of Ethics3
PHIL 3263Virtue Ethics3
PHIL 3353American Philosophy3
PHIL 33633
PHIL 4023Survey of Analytic Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art3
PHIL 4293Ethical Theory3
PHIL 4343Early Chinese Philosophy3
PHIL 4713Survey of Social and Political Philosophy3

Knowledge & Reality

PHIL 3393History of Analytic Philosophy3
PHIL 3423Ancient and Medieval Religious Philosophy3
PHIL 3433Modern Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 3443Contemporary Issues in Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 3503Self and Identity3
PHIL 3533Language, Communication, and Knowledge3
PHIL 3613Philosophy of Biology3
PHIL 3623Philosophical Issues in Physics and Cosmology3
PHIL 4473Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 4513Metaphysics3
PHIL 4523Epistemology3
PHIL 4533Philosophy of Language3
PHIL 4543Philosophy of Mind3
PHIL 4613Philosophy of Science3
PHIL 4623Philosophy of The Social Sciences3

Philosophy in Society

PHIL 3243Civility3
PHIL 3273Ethics and Business3
PHIL 3293Environmental Ethics3
PHIL 3713History of Social and Political Philosophy3
PHIL 3723Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy3
PHIL 3733Religion in Political Theory3
PHIL 3743Feminist Philosophy3
PHIL 3753Philosophy of Race3
PHIL 3763Law and Society3