Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics Doctoral Programs

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctoral degrees are offered in French and Spanish.

The total number of hours required for the Ph.D. is 90 hours beyond the Bachelor's degree, including credit earned for the MA, if applicable to the Ph.D. program. The Ph.D. degree requires 61 hours of coursework in the major and 9 hours of concentration in another field as approved by the student's committee.

Only graduate-level courses (5000-/6000-level) are applicable toward the Ph.D. major and concentration

Before completion of the degree, students must demonstrate reading competency in a second language. In order to do so, they may take the departmental Graduate Reading Exam (PDF) or complete two semesters or ten hours in another language.

A general examination based on coursework and a reading list established in consultation with the student's committee members is required for the Ph.D.

See Spanish Ph.D. Exam and Dissertation and French Ph.D. Exam and Dissertation for details on the Ph.D. examination and dissertation guidelines.