Italian Major Support List

For the most current course list, please contact the Department of Modern Languages, Literature, and Linguistics.

A HI 3223Classical Art and Archaeology: Hellenistic Greek Art; Roman Art3
A HI 3303Renaissance Art in Italy 1200-16003
A HI 3403Baroque Art and Architecture in Europe:1600-17003
A HI 4163Etruscan Art3
A HI 4373The Italian City: Renaissance and Baroque Architecture3
FMS 3843Topics in National Cinema (Topic: Italian Neo-Realism)3
HIST 3053Medieval Italy3
HIST 3073The Renaissance3
HIST 3120Topics in Modern European History (Topic: Sacred/Secular in Renaissance Italy)1-5
HIST 3183Italy: Making a Nation?3
HIST 4403Mussolini, Fascism, & America3
HIST 4973Undergraduate Seminar in History (Topic: Catholic Empires)3
IAS 3000Special Topics in International and Area Studies (Topic: Italy Through Italian Film)1-4
IAS 3273The European Union3
P SC 3703From Plato to Machiavelli, the Classic Art of Politics3
RELS 3900Special Topics (Topic: Contemporary Catholicism)1-4