Information Studies Major Category Lists

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​Information & Enterprise

ECON 3233Information Technology and the Economy3
ECON 3713Governmental Relations to Business3
ECON 4313Industrial Organization3
HSCI 3483Technology, Politics, and International Development3
HSCI 3533Science and Global Politics in the Modern Era: Cross-Cultural Perspectives3
IAS 3053Globalization: The Politics of Global Governance3
LIS 4553Competitive Intelligence3
L S 3323Legal Environment of Business3
NPNG 2033Fundamentals of Nonprofit Management I3

Interpersonal Communication

COMM 2213Interpersonal Communication3
COMM 2423Gender and Communication3
COMM 3223Small Group Communication3
COMM 3413Interethnic Communication3
COMM 3513Intercultural Communication3
COMM 3523Communication in Relationships3
COMM 4153Nonverbal Communication3
H R 3013Introduction to Human Relations3
H R 3043Interpersonal Skills and Group Dynamics3
WGS 3443Gender & Interpersonal Comm3

Organizational Communication

B C 2813Business Communications3
COMM 2113Business and Professional Communication3
COMM 3263Organizational Communication3
COMM 3483Communication and Argumentation3
LSAL 3133Conflict Resolution3
LSAL 4123Quality Initiatives in Organizations3
PHIL 3533Language, Communication, and Knowledge3
PSY 4313Motivation3
PSY 4793Psychology of Groups3


LSAL 3113Leadership in Organizations3
LSAL 3153Ethics in Leadership3
MGT 3013Principles of Organization and Management3
PHIL 3273Ethics and Business3
PSY 4703Psychology of Leadership3

Information in Society

COMM 3243Communication and Social Change3
COMM 3413Interethnic Communication3
COMM 3513Intercultural Communication3
COMM 3643Media and Society3
COMM 4323Political Communication3
COMM 4513International Communication3
COMM 4643Mass Media Effects3
H R 3413Cultural Awareness in Human Relations3
HSCI 3493The History of Media3
LIS 4970Special Topics/Seminar (Topic: Social Informatics)1-3
LIS 4143Government Information3
PHIL 3273Ethics and Business3
P SC 3443Mass Media and American Politics3
P SC 3493Congress: Politics, Policy and the Constitution3
SOC 3683Wealth, Power, and Prestige3
WGS 3123Social Justice and Social Change3

Information Technology

C S 1313Programming for Non-Majors with C3
COMM 3653Computer Mediated Communication3
GIS 2023Introduction to Spatial Thinking and Computer Mapping3
LIS 4453Digital Collections3
LIS 4523Online Information Retrieval3
LIS 4613Dynamic Web Development3
LIS 4623Introduction to Data Mining for Information Professionals3
LIS 4643Introduction to Data Analytics3
LIS 4673Introduction to Information Visualization3
LIS 4683Database Design for Information Organizations3

Technical Writing

ENGL 3153Technical Writing3
ENGL 3173Histories of Writing, Rhetoric and Technology3
ENGL 3183Digital Composing3