Economics Doctoral Programs

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

The Ph.D. program is designed with the goal of providing students with maximum support in the pursuit of their career objectives. There are three structural elements in the Ph.D. program: a rigorous and well-integrated core curriculum of economic theory and statistical analysis; concentrated study in selected fields of development economics, industrial organization, international economics, and public economics; and training designed to prepare the student to undertake independent research. This process culminates in a significant work of original research in the form of a dissertation. Having completed all three elements, students are fully qualified to pursue academic, professional, or governmental careers.

The Ph.D. degree requires at least 90 hours beyond the Bachelor’s degree. A minimum of 54 of these hours must consist of formal coursework, with the remainder being comprised of dissertation research. In addition, students must demonstrate research proficiency, which is required for all doctoral degree candidates at the University of Oklahoma. The research proficiency for the Department of Economics is demonstrated by the ability to utilize statistical and econometric software packages, by foreign language expertise, or by demonstrated math proficiencies.