Biology Doctoral Programs

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

The goal of our Doctor of Philosophy in Biology (Ph.D.) program is to prepare students for successful careers in academic, biomedical, environmental, or government institutions. Students must meet the general requirements for the Ph.D. degree as stated in the Graduate College Bulletin. Beyond this, doctoral programs are individually planned by the student’s advisory conference. Minimal requirements that apply to all biology doctoral programs are the attainment of an advanced level of achievement in a special field of interest and at least two supporting fields, and two semesters’ service as a teaching assistant. Students advance to Ph.D. candidacy upon successful completion of both written and oral portions of the General Examination. A portion of the oral examination must include defense of a dissertation proposal. The general examination must be taken by the student’s fifth semester in the Ph.D. program. Detailed information can be obtained from the Director of Graduate Studies.