Music Graduate Certificates

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Graduate Artist's Certificate in Music Performance

The Graduate Artist's Certificate in Music Performance is a focused, post-bachelor's program of study for pre-professionals who wish to develop their performance skills in preparation for performing careers. The goal of the Graduate Artist's Certificate program is to assist students in making themselves more marketable as professional musicians.  The program requires satisfactory completion of eighteen (18) hours of approved graduate-level coursework and is designed to be completed over two consecutive semesters of full-time enrollment.  It is comprised of:

  • Applied lessons at the 5020 level of the appropriate instrument/voice:  8 hours (2 semesters at 4 credits each semester)
  • Recitals:  GRRE 5043, 6 hours (2 full-length recitals at 3 credits per recital) 
  • Participation in an appropriate large ensemble (MUTE 5130, MUTE 5140, MUTE 5160, MUTE 5170, or MUTE 5290) (not required for voice):  2 hours
  • Participation in an appropriate chamber music ensemble (MUTE 5271) (not required for voice):  2 hours
  • Performance elective(s):  0-4 hours of approved graduate level course work