Petroleum and Geological Engineering Graduate Certificates

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Graduate Certificate in Natural Gas Technology

The objective of the Natural Gas Engineering and Management program's (NGEM) Certificate in Natural Gas Technology offered through the Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering is to provide the best possible educational resources for success in the technical aspects of the growing natural gas industry by equipping students seeking certificate in Natural Gas Technology with the necessary basic tools to operate productively in the Natural Gas Industry. This program is designed for students who are not interested in Natural Gas Engineering Management (NGEM) degree program but still are interested in acquiring the basic educational experience which will help improve their performance while continuing their employment in the oil and natural gas industry. 

The certificate requires 15 total credit hours of coursework. The specific courses required are: P E 5613P E 5623CH E 5643P E 5643, and 3 credit hours of approved PE graduate elective courses (approved by Director, NGEM program).