Interior Design, Bachelor of Interior Design

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Minimum Total Credit Hours: 120

Minimum Upper-Division Hours: 48

Overall GPA - Combined and OU: 2.50

All Required Professional Courses GPA: 2.50

Program Code: B585

Courses designated as Core I, II, III, IV, or Capstone are part of the General Education curriculum. Students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of General Education courses, chosen from the approved list, including at least one upper-division Gen. Ed. course outside of the student’s major. Courses graded S/U or P/NP will not apply.

A minimum grade of C is required in all I D and ARCH courses.

A minimum 2.50 OU and combined retention GPA is required for admission to the third and fourth years of the Bachelor of Interior Design program. Admission is limited to students meeting the GPA and portfolio review requirement. All first and second year courses must be completed before applying for admission.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
ENGL 1113 Principles of English Composition (Core I) 3
Any Gen. Ed. approved MATH course (Core I) 3
HIST 1483
United States, 1492 to 1865 (Core IV)
or United States, 1865 to the Present
I D 1102 Foundations of Interior Design 2
I D 1151 Graphics I 1
I D 1153 Design I 3
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
ENGL 1213
Principles of English Composition (Core I)
or Expository Writing
PHYS 1114 General Physics for Non-Science Majors (Core II) 4
P SC 1113 American Federal Government (Core III) 3
I D 1251 Design II 1
I D 1253 Graphics II 3
 Credit Hours14
First Semester
A HI 2213 Global Art I (Core IV-Artistic Forms) 3
I D 2532 Graphics III 2
I D 2533 Design III 3
I D 2763 Computer Applications in Interior Design 3
Natural Science with lab —Advised Elective (Core II) 4
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
A HI 2223 Global Art II (Core IV-Artistic Forms) 3
I D 2543 Design and Human Factors 3
I D 2773 Interior Construction 3
I D 2793 Furniture Design 3
I D 3223
or I D 4783
Advanced Computer Applications
 Credit Hours15
First Semester
ACCT 2113 Fundamental Financial Accounting 3
ARCH 2243 History of the Built Environment I (Core IV, W. Civ.) 3
ARCH 4563 Methods V- Sustainable and Resilient Systems II 3
I D 4723 Lighting Design 3
I D 4793 Interior Materials and Specifications 3
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
ECON 1113 Principles of Economics-Macro (Core III) 3
I D 4713 Commercial Design 3
I D 4753 History of Interior Design 3
I D 4463 Interior Design Office Professional Practice 3
Non-Western Culture—Advised Elective — (Core IV) 3
 Credit Hours15
First Semester
MKT 3013 Principles of Marketing 3
ARCH 4453 Modern and Contemporary Architecture 3
I D 4743 Institutional and Corporate Design 3
I D 4712 Interior Design Portfolio I 2
I D 4772 Interior Design Capstone (Pre-Design) 2
Communication Elective 3
 Credit Hours16
Second Semester
I D 4722 Interior Design Portfolio II 2
I D 4774 Interior Design Capstone (Design Phase) 4
Professional Elective—upper-division 1 3
General Education Elective—upper-division (outside major) 3
Open Elective—Upper-Division 3
 Credit Hours15
 Total Credit Hours120