Social Justice, Minor

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Minimum Total Credit Hours: 15

Minimum Upper-Division Hours: 9

Program Code: N835

  • The requirements for a minor must be completed concurrently with the major degree requirements.
  • No minor may be added by completing courses after receiving the bachelor’s degree.

At least six (6) credit hours must be earned in courses acceptable for residence credit by standards set forth by the College of Arts and Sciences, excluding transfer, correspondence, and examination (AP, CLEP, Advanced Standing) credit. Courses for the minor may not be taken Pass/No Pass.

Students must successfully complete at least 15 hours of courses acceptable for minor credit in Social Justice, including at least nine (9) hours at the upper-division level.

No single course may be used by a student to satisfy a major requirement and a minor requirement. A course may be used, however, to satisfy both a major support requirement and a minor requirement.

Requests to substitute a minor requirement must be approved in writing by the Women’s and Gender Studies Program.

Required Courses

Required Courses
WGS 3123Social Justice and Social Change3
WGS 4023Social Justice Internship3
Choose any additional course with the WGS prefix3
Choose 6 credit hours from the Social Justice Electives list6
Total Credit Hours15
  • Minors in the College of Arts & Sciences are available to all undergraduate students at OU. If the minor is officially declared, successfully completed, and noted on the graduation application, the student’s transcript will so indicate at the time the bachelor’s degree is posted.
  • Approved February 2015

Social Justice Electives

AFAM 3333Blacks in Oklahoma: A Stolen Legacy3
AFAM 3433African American Women3
AFAM 3613Visual Culture and African American Identity: 1895-19393
AFAM 4010Special Topics In African And African-American Studies (Approved Topic)1-3
AFAM 44533
AFAM 4643
AFAM 4713Afrocentric Thinking and the Civil Rights Movement3
AFAM 4733Civil Rights Law: Employment and Education3
AFAM 4753History of the Black Panther Party3
AFAM 4813Prison Industrial Complex3
ANTH 3453Contemporary Native American Issues3
ANTH 37433
ANTH 4303Women and Development in Africa3
ANTH 4903Race and Ethnicity3
CL C 3403Law and Justice3
COMM 3243Communication and Social Change3
COMM 3643Media and Society3
COMM 4643Mass Media Effects3
ECON 4513The Economics of Discrimination3
ENGL 4263
ENGL 4283Hip Hop as Poetry, Literature and Cultural Expression3
ENGL 4333Black Arts/Black Power3
ENGL 4383Civilization and Diaspora3
FMS 3683Social Issues and Film3
GEOG 4573Indigenous Peoples and Resources3
HIST 2103Genocides in Modern History3
HIST 3103Slavery in World History3
HIST 3293Antisemitism3
HIST 3623Conformity and Dissent in the 1950s and 1960s3
HIST 3753African-American History Since 18773
HIST 4223
HIST 4303Early American Foreign Policy3
HON 3993Honors Colloquium (Approved Topic)3
H R 3303Family Issues in Human Relations3
H R 3403History of Racism3
H R 4013Social Change Process3
H R 4203Social Issues in the Workplace3
H R 4423Women's Issues in Human Relations3
H R 4170Special Topics in Human Relations (Approved Topic)1-3
IAS 3013International Law3
IAS 3023Genocide3
IAS 3033International Human Rights3
IAS 3063Politics of Developing Countries3
IAS 3073Global Economic Relations3
IAS 3083International Activism3
IAS 3133
IPE 3223
JMC 4853Race, Gender and the Media3
JMC 4863Journalism, Ethics and Democracy3
NAS 1013Introduction to Native American Studies3
NAS 3313Introduction to Native Peoples and Sustainability3
NAS 4913
PHIL 1713Justice in Society3
PHIL 3713History of Social and Political Philosophy3
PHIL 3743Feminist Philosophy3
PHIL 3753Philosophy of Race3
P SC 2703Justice, Liberty and the Good Society3
P SC 3023Law and Courts3
P SC 3203Sexuality, Gender, and the Law3
P SC 3713The Idea of a Liberal Society3
P SC 37333
P SC 4283American Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties3
PSY 3213
RELS 3213Religion and Violence3
RELS 3633Religious Leaders for Social Justice3
S WK 3313Social Welfare Policy: Analysis and Practice3
S WK 3323Human Diversity and Social Justice3
S WK 4163Child Abuse and Neglect3
S WK 4170Special Topics in Social Work and Social Welfare (Approved Topic)2-3
S WK 41833
SOC 3523Criminology3
SOC 3533The System of Criminal Justice3
SOC 3603Sociology of Education3
SOC 3623Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups3
SOC 3683Wealth, Power, and Prestige3
SOC 3723Sociology of Family3
SOC 3733Sociology of Gender3
SOC 3753Sociology of Africa3
SOC 3803Inequality in A Global Perspective3
SOC 3813Individual and Society3
SOC 3843Sociology of Aging3
SOC 3903Gangs and Violence3
SOC 3913The Death Penalty in the United States3
SOC 3923Alcohol, Drugs and Society3
SOC 3933
SOC 3963Sexual Deviance and Society3
SOC 3973Sociology of Violence3
WGS 3043Gender/Power/Ldrshp-Politics3
WGS 3233Women Creating Social Change3
WGS 32433
WGS 3473Red Dirt Women and Power3
WGS 3483Domestic Violence and the Law3
WGS 3563Gender and Global Politics3
WGS 3810WGS Special Topics (Approved Topic)1-3
WGS 3953Women and the Law3